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The Hidden: Episode One: Jack's Disease

They told him it was just a parasite...

Jack Fuller’s life took a swan dive after he cheated on his wife two years ago. His most recent spate of “bad luck” is a list of symptoms that don't seem to fit any particular disease profile. Internet searches and medical hip shots are as close as he can get to an actual diagnosis.

Things get worse when a mysterious blood deposit with no apparent source is found in the middle of his bed. Then there is the intense hunger to contend with, the repeating erotic nightmares and the panic attacks.

When the cause of the illness finally manifests, it is wilder than Jack could ever have imagined. The illness has a name.

Its name is Jerry.



"Occult, paranormal detective fiction. Philip Marlowe meets the Sirius star."

I am Thomas Hunter, a paranormal investigator and part-time ghost charmer. I walk a thin line where the shadows of perception reshape the definition of reality.

I used to be a cop, I used to have a wife. Then I died.

When I woke up, I had three entities in my head, a bad case of amnesia, and an insider’s view of the occult.

I named myself Hunter because it expresses what I do.

Lately, two corpses have shown up in the San Francisco morgue. They have something unique about them: they don't decompose. The Vatican claimed them as holy relics, but alive these stiffs were no more Catholic than Crowley.

I wasn't the first choice for the case, but I just might be the best.


Godsign: The Rise of Zuhk

Welcome to Umberia, a land where magick is as potent as one can maintain interest, where dogheaded sailors traverse the vast seas, and where the gods sent a great flood that nearly destroyed the world.

Enter Jake, Tessa and Charlie, three friends from California, who have no idea how they got there or what the strange disk-like scars that have suddenly appeared on their backs mean.

Jake is pretty sure that the minotaur in charge is trying to split them apart. His only hope lies in keeping his two friends on his side and discovering the significance of the scars and deciding on whether to join the crusade to help kill the gods.