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Amelia Wilson has dedicated her life to writing. She is a firm believer in the power of love to conquer all, and her works reflect this belief. Her paranormal romances are known for their love stories, action and suspense. She creates immersive worlds that are rich in detail and full of emotion. Writing has always been very close to her heart. When she is writing a novel, she travels into that world and attaches her emotions to the story. She expresses herself better in written words than she could ever do verbally. She believes in love, and that love can conquer all, which is the reason why she is a writer of romance. She wants all the people, who have been hurt in love, not lose hope as fate changes and soon enough you all will find your one true love. Her books are a great way to satisfy your craving for paranormal romance with action, Love and suspense.
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List of Amelia Wilson's books:


Love Beyond the wall
Sight of Love
Claimed by Love
In Love with the Enemy




Rune Sword
Rune Master
Rune Hunter
Rune King's Daughter


A Chosen Fate (Book 1)
A Dark Truth (Book 2)


A Friend in Love (Book 1)
A Witchy Girl (Book 2)
A Final Game (Book 3)



To Catch A Killer
A Truth in Lies
The Magic of the Flesh


Other (Fiction)
Other (Nonfiction)
Science Fiction

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Adored by Tulari

Despite learning everything she could about the savage world of Sara, nothing could have prepared Jennifer for him.

As a new recruit on her father’s base on an alien world, Jennifer Raynor followed her father’s footsteps in becoming a soldier when her mother died. On a bright and beautiful world full of Sara, she would prove her worth.

On what should have been a routine day, a single Nulani alien approached their base. Through a series of catastrophic events, she is forced to flee into the jungle alone without technology, armed with only her rifle and the will to survive.

She must survive the harsh environment and predators of the jungle until she confronts another Nulani. But will this one prove to be her savior or the one to bring her downfall?

In this beginning of many stories, you


Prisoner of Avrox

“What do you do when a sexy alien asks you to make a baby with him?”

Jocelyn, a biologist, wasn’t expecting to be selected as an Avroxee Mate. Having never been touched by a man, let alone an alien one, she’s startled to find herself in the care of Krult, a hot, muscular specimen who proposes she help him with a dangerous experiment to save his planet. Jocelyn accepts, not realizing she’s about to offer him more than just her intelligence…

Krult, a shy defector on his planet, has never been one for emotions. That is, until he has a steamy encounter with Jocelyn that awakens something inside him, something that goes against all traditions he’s grown up with. But he’s willing to toss tradition aside if it means getting closer to his mate…

As their secret experiment takes shape, so do Joce


Alien Seduction

What happens when a woman must choose between her mission and her heart?
Sarah Overstreet has one mission. It's going to require she sacrifice her body for the greater good. She’s willing to do anything for the cause.
As a member of SAAB she is dedicated to ending the surrogacy program with the Klaskians for good. The problem is once she gets to the planet they aren’t at all like she’s been taught.
Through the love of two Klaskian males both different in their past and age she finds maybe she doesn’t want to go through with the mission, but the consequences will be dire.
How can she return to her planet a traitor, the answer is, she can’t.


The Dragon Knight

‘There are multiple forms of the truth, and they are people’s words. Live your truth and share them with others.’

The floating city of Sedayval was considered the pinnacle of human civilization. Governed by High Priestess Iktai and Queen Vahana IV, the city was the most splendorous in the whole world. For three centuries, the Jewel of Maan had maintained peace and order in Sedayval.

For Shera, the existence of Maan was highest form of truth. As a Young Acolyte, Shera was sworn to uphold the sanctity of the goddess, and be the vessel of the Jewel of Maan.

But the arrival of Vahren, a mysterious Dragon Knight from the eastern regions of Shando shakes Shera’s conviction. She begins to question Maan’s existence and realizes that the very Jewel she is supposed to protect contains a siniste


Aeon Ending

Sarah has done it. She’s ended the Aeon threat, or has she?

Sending the crystal into the pit of the Aeon weapon was supposed to end the war, but Sarah finds herself prisoner of Henry, the Aeon who was there when she was first abducted, the alien who forced her to love him, and fell for her himself.

After escaping from Henry the first time, Sarah fell for another alien named Gar. A gray skinned Zaytarian who was good and strong and loved her back. He’s on the hunt for Sarah, determined to get to her and save her from Henry’s clutches no matter the cost.

Will Sarah escape the deranged alien Henry? And can Gar survive long enough to be reunited with his love?


To Catch a Killer (A Ghost Detective Romance)

Detective Anya White is being haunted. Her dead partner, Rob, is pushing her to solve his murder, and he won’t let her rest. She has to finish his unfinished business… and it’s starting to look like part of that business is putting her in the path of the new detective in town. Does Rob want her to catch his killer, or does he just want Anya to stop being lonely? Time will tell….


The Soul of A Bear

There’s an old saying- If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Stuck in the cell next to Paul’s, McKayla contemplates how fate could have such a messed up sense of humor. Who knew she’d find a highly compatible mate in jail? After the bar fight that led to her arrest, she meets Paul through the cell’s bars, but their time together is both short and confusing.
Can Paul and McKayla overcome the hurdles of a human and a shifter mating? Does fate have hidden plans for the man born to the wrong species?


Aeon Fugitive


Alien Message

Becca is a young woman at a crossroads. The day after she leaves her boyfriend, who has left a lot to be desired in their relation-ship, she begins her new job. She’s always loved the stars, and has yearned to discover their secrets since she was a little girl, and working at the United States biggest satellite station is a dream come true.
When her boss tells her he’s made a shocking discovery, Becca is the one to make contact with an alien. He’s hurt, and he’s scared, and he needs her help. As Becca works on getting the handsome alien to her home, a shadowy government agency is closing in.
Will Becca save a new friend in need? Will the alien survive his battle inflicted wounds?


Magic Love

Can someone be redeemed after they've created chaos in a paranormal world?

Penelope isn't everyone's favorite witch, but she's trying to be better. No longer striving to be a supervillain she sets out to find out what's making the creatures and plants of Blue Falls sick. Too bad the alpha of the were bear clan has stuck her with a babysitter Han.

Han isn't known as the most upstanding citizen in the were bear community. He's been assigned to watch Penelope's every move. Penelope resents him at first but over time an attraction starts to develop.

Can a reformed witch and a redeemed were bear fall in love? Find out in this exciting tale full of passion and magic.


Aeon War

Sarah has been thrust into a galaxy spanning war, where she has found herself to be the only hope for a race of aliens on the verge of total destruction.

Sarah is from Earth, but she hasn’t been there for months. She’s found a friend and lover in Gar, and handsome Zaytarian who has helped her out of more scrapes and dangerous situations than she can remember.

Will Sarah and Gar reach the weapon in time? Can anything stop the Aeon threat? And when it’s all over, is Sarah ever going to be able to leave the alien she’s fallen for, and return to Earth so she can lead a normal life?



What happens when your plans get disrupted when you're far away from home?
Ruby thought she was starting a new life, but she had no idea what was in store for her.

After leaving the comfort of her parents on the planet Adna, she becomes a prisoner of a race bent on selling her as a slave. Skills she didn't even know she possessed come into play when she has to fight for her life and the life of child she encounters in the Hallaw jail.

A motherly instinct she didn't know she possessed and a couple she didn't know she could love change her life forever, if they can just survive. How will they fair against many enemies on a dangerous and uncertain planet?



What’s an Earth girl to do when she’s on a dangerous planet and meets a seemingly friendly and handsome alien?

Abigail was lost, she ran away from the aliens that abducted her when they made an unplanned stop on planet Adna. Now she’s been rescued by a beautiful glowing alien named Sca and the two of them make their way through some serious obstacles on the planet. Abigail finds herself trusting and even falling for Sca, but when they return to his home she learns something troubling.

Sca has a wife, kids, and a husband and they want her to join them in their shared living experience.

Can her new friends save her from a race determined to make her their new queen?


Hunting for Love

Sometimes love really is only skin deep.
Lucy Weller was describable in one simple word: manipulative. She wasn’t rotten to the core or malicious, but if something didn’t go her way she made it. The only person she couldn’t use this power on was her brother Ryan, and no matter how many different times she tried, he was always immune. With the sudden appearance of Ryan’s mate, Lucy is forced to confront the shocking fact that she isn’t a ‘model woman’. She couldn’t cook; she didn’t like to clean; she barely even shifted enough to be considered a bear shifter.
When the two meet, can Lucy help build her mate up into the male he can be? Can Jon get past Lucy’s stubborn refusal to change for the better?


Strong Love

What happens when a water fae tries to cause a war between two were bear clans?

Seraphina has always done what her king, Rytas has told her. Being a water fae there are certain rules to follow and protocol in place. When she meets the larger-than-life were bear Donovan she gets tangled up in her lies. Rytas wants her to create chaos and start a war.

Will she follow her heart, and defy Rytas or will she betray the kind and trusting were bear, Donovan who she's already entranced with her magic?

Who will win in a final showdown between the water fae and the were bears?



After loneliness becomes his best ally for many years, Oliver finally sniffs out his mate! Nothing good comes easy, that much he knows and his situation is not an exception. His mate is an intern at his firm and this is a major problem for him. However, matters of the heart beats logic and with careful precision makes the odds fall in his favor. Even with his silver tongue and gentleman nature, Oliver still has a lot to hide but his biggest worry is how Diana will handle his secrets.


Love For You Alone

What’s a she-tigress to do when the man she’s in love with is a badass, feline-hating, werewolf shifter?
Nicole Lehenengoa descended of the first shifters is the sought after shifter in existence. Her ability to shift into a tiger is not the only gift she possesses, even though she may wish it were. Hunted by man and shifters alike she doesn’t trust easily.
The man versus shifter war may have come to an end, but the shifter on shifter fight is just beginning.
Victor thought that he would never see the woman he fell in love with again, and even if he did Victor knew she’d want to kill him. When his pack is in danger he has no choice but to kidnap the she-tigress from her new family.
Will Victor be able to win Nicole’s trust and prevent his pack from being extinguished?


In Love with the Enemy

How do you land on your feet, when you realize everything you thought you knew is wrong?

Nora Prush is an agent of the Human Rights Faction or HRA. After shifters revealed their existence to the world war broke out between humans and shifters. Los Angeles, once a great city is nothing but rubble and evidence of what life used to be like. Nora’s family died there at the hands of shifters. She’s excited to be infiltrating a human town known to have struck an Alliance with the Rizer Pack shifters.

Nora must decide for herself the answer to what has become her most important life choice. It’s a choice that will decide the rest of her life and be one she’ll have to live with. Is love stronger than revenge?


A Dark Truth

Discovering that he is a vampire was overwhelming enough. Knowing that he irrevocably desired her was reeling.
Madison is an average girl who was struggling to finish her degree. She was set on graduating without distractions but came the new student Easton, who was distraction personified.
Madison thought they’ve been through enough; with overcoming near-death experiences, sudden vampire instincts, and fights with vampire hunters.
But it was just the start of a beginning. Madison wanted Easton. Easton desired and craved for her. Madison felt scared and lost when Easton’s brother started to pursue her. Easton was torn between his love for his brother and his affections for Madison. Madison turned out to be someone she did not know she was. Easton knew granting her wish would mean death


A Final Game

What is the purpose of Yarra being on Earth? What is her duty as an Oracle?

During their journey, Avice also reveals his desire to give Yarra the Vampire’s bite, in hopes that it would transform her into a vampire. But there is a catch. The success of the process depends on the emotional connection between the vampire and the recipient of the bite. If it fails, Yarra would die in the process.

Yarra has to consider her options. Is their love for each other adequate for Avice to transform her into a vampire with his bite? Or would she and their unborn child in her body perish? Yarra has the power to see her future, but to answer this question, she has to see Avice’s future too – and that is impossible.

With the ‘Keeper of the Blades’ clan members hot in pursuit, keen on their destruction