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Paolo’s Pride

Paolo Peretti is a billionaire thanks to his father’s hard work.

He is proud and vain, always used to getting the best that money can buy.
His collection of the world’s finest would be complemented by the beautiful, sexy Sofia Aurora Romano.
Sofia is perfect in every way except that she’s not rich.
Paolo is too proud to be seen with a poor, working-class woman. His friends would blackball him if they found out.
Sofia bears on his mind and soon he can’t think of anything else. He wants her.
She turns him down, finding his strutting pride a turnoff.
He has to have her and nothing will suit him but to have her, own her, his collection would be complete with her at his side.

Can he put his pride away and go to her? Can he win her heart and own her?


Color Me Hot


Gavin’s Greed

What happens when a man allows greed to rule his life?

Gavin lets his greed rule even his love life, demanding complete loyalty from his many women.
Pool halls, smoky bars, fast cars, and hot women—that’s Gavin’s life. A man of many secrets and much greed.
Linda loves only Gavin and is loyal to a fault sometimes.
Working hard, loving harder, and making a home is her life and she’s happy.
Then she finds out about the other women and Gavin’s corrupt business dealings.
Her heart is broken and she’s forced to move away from town to get away from the embarrassment and pain Gavin’s actions have caused.
Does it take losing everything to open Gavin’s eyes to what is truly important in his life?

Will Linda ever be able to trust him again?


Evan’s Envy

Evan’s rivalry with friend Ben knew no bounds and it was bound to cause trouble.
Bad boy.
Evan was a bad boy extraordinaire and always got what he wanted.
Evan had a list of women—a different one for each day.
Enter Glenda.
Evan wanted Glenda—if Ben had her, she must be perfect.

Glenda belonged to Ben and whichever kinky third-party they picked up.
Third-party pick-ups satisfied their lusts.
So far they were the best for each other.
Then she met Evan

One of them must be better at satisfying her.

Or would the happy couple turn into the happy trio?
Would the men be able to settle their rivalry?


Good Guy Gone Bad

She’s in love with a taken man who may or may not be the bad guy… and that’s not even the start of it.

She can’t tell if Duane is a bad boy with a good heart or a good guy with a mean streak, but either way, she can’t keep her eyes off him. The problem is: he’s engaged to be married.

Will that be enough for Hannah to keep her distance, or are they destined to be together? She isn’t sure if he has the hots for her or if he’s just being a gentleman… But she’s going to make it her mission to find out.


Falling for the Dragon

Jayda Oliver and her four friends finally succeed in opening a night club/bar after years of saving and planning. Jayda has taken inspiration from a local biker bar called Harley Heaven, which is owned and operated by some of the sexiest bad boys around.
Jayda invites the bad boys to her opening night at The Hideaway. When the men show up long before opening hour, Jayda is immediately drawn to the super sexy leader of Harley Heaven Drake Carter.
In her private life, Jayda is a dominant woman. And, she’s also a dominatrix and has a couple of rooms in her home dedicated to her fetishes. All her adult life, she has been searching for that special someone to fall in love with.
Can Jayda overcome her dominant nature and, for once be dominated? If she is dominated, will she give up her heart to


Kitchen Heat

What gets cooking in a big hotel kitchen when no one is around to supervise the early crew? Lots of things get cooking in there; stews, brews, caterings, tempers, and even romances.

Can new hire Scott get the attention of the resident chef, Brianna? Can he win her heart for even a moment? He tries as they cook up some heat in this story.

Come see what’s cooking in this kitchen. Come for the food and stay for the story.



What could possibly happen on a hiking trip to the Appalachian Trail?

Unable to recruit anyone to accompany her, Alyssa decides to go on her own and enjoy some hiking by herself. A one-night stand with the foreign stranger who saved her life probably isn’t the smartest move in the world, but she had also been alone for five years.

She has a cell phone, a car, and a map—how dangerous could it be?


Hard Miles Ahead

Tavia O’Brien has always chosen her men by making sure they fit into a conservative set of standards.
Jensen seemed to fit the bill nicely.
Until they go to a Biker Rally in Florida and he willingly disappears into the crowd.
Daric Miles finds her cooling off in an alley.
He’s hotter than the humid Florida weather.
He’s hotter than her lost boyfriend.
Things really heat up when Tavia agrees to cool down with Daric.
She wants him to totally dominate her and their foreplay is as sexy as it gets.
The next morning, after exhausting bedroom romps, Daric asks Tavia to stay with him and forget the boyfriend.
Is she ready to do that? Will she reject her current man to be with the completely satisfying Daric who fits none of her conservative standards?


Trigger Happy

I’ve never liked anyone having control over me. Daddy was a control freak and once I was away from him, I vowed no man would ever control me again.
I like bad boys. Especially bad boys with tattoos and motorcycles.
Trigger Daniels is the sexiest of the sexy Black Mountain Bikers.
Only, Trigger doesn’t ask for control. He takes control.
It’s not only fun, it’s pure steam when he takes control. I had no idea being a little bit submissive could feel so good.
A fellow sculptor, Trigger proves how good he is with his hands and how much he enjoys working with his hands.
One night with him might be enough to keep me Trigger-happy for a while.

Trigger-happy is a super sexy, super steamy bad boy biker romance. It has a HFN ending and does not have a cliffhanger ending.


One Day in Vegas

Could Melinda learn to love and be loved again?

Melinda’s friends think Nevada is just what Melinda needs to get over the terrible breakup with John. Nevada is certainly a scoundrel, but he is a sexy and very rich scoundrel.

Will Nevada ever be tamed? Or will this become one day in Vegas that Melinda might regret forever?


She Got the Jack

Everything is falling apart in Linda Taylor’s life, it seems.

Her father’s death after a months’ long illness.

Her bitter breakup with Andrade, her cheating fiancé of the last three years.

The constant hustle and bustle of living in San Diego is not helping her become emotionally fit after her life falls apart.

Linda needs to recharge, reconnect, find out who she is again.

Deciding to reach out to her favorite cousin, Linda calls up Jayda Oliver. They spent the summers together at Jayda’s home when they were younger and had lost touch over the last few years. Two weeks in Tennessee should do the job nicely. Things there are slow and laid back.

Upon arrival, Linda finds that her cousin has changed and that things aren’t quite as slow in Tennessee as she remembered.

Especially not the


The Bad Boy Biker

Jess’ heart, and her bank account, have been broken by men in the past—on a routine basis, it seemed. Could she ever trust a man again? Could she ever want a man again?
Cole successfully recruits Jess to help him find some of the local places his mother spoke of all those years. This meant being alone with the sexy biker and fighting her own urges.
However, what happens in the shadow of the mountain, isolated from the world, stays in the shadow of that mountain. Or does it?


Benefits of Friendship

Jazmyn Young has been working with her group of friends for a few months at their nightclub, the Hideaway. Things have gotten very friendly between them and the bikers from the Harley Heaven bar. Jazmyn “Jazzy,” in the heat of an argument with Pepper, makes a bet that she regretted making almost instantly.
Jazzy was never the aggressor in any of her relationships. Unlike Jayda, their fearless, dominating leader, Jazzy had always been happy to let the guy take the lead. Now she’d made a bet with Pepper that she couldn’t keep. Or, at least, she thought she couldn’t keep.
How was she going to approach Gage Swift? Super sexy, heavily-muscled, gorgeous tattoos, jet-black hair, and emerald green eyes trained on Jazmyn. Pleasure with no strings attached is what Gage promises.