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Tyler Kalarchian has always enjoyed exploring foreign worlds through books, movies, and games. As he grew older, he realized that he needed to share his own stories and began writing a book. After many years of drafts, he finally became a published author. Now he is busy on the next story and many more after that! When Tyler is not writing, he enjoys distance running outside and the company of friends around a table playing board games. He currently lives in South Florida and dreams of moving north where he can escape the constant humidity.



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Rucaern Orb

A nightmare has taken hold of Arius Soulton’s mind. His escape from it comes at a great cost—his memory. Waking up far to the south, the name ‘Lunara’ is the only thing echoing in his head. By his side sits an ancient orb of power, capable of devastating magic. And it has bound itself with Arius, forming a pact of blood. Accompanying him is the orb’s guardian, Vafe, a specter who despises all living creatures, and Anaya Felore, a naive young woman who says she knows the path to the city of Lunara. If she could remember…