I'm a New York Times bestselling author, and have sold over half a million books worldwide. I live near(ish) London with my husband and two gorgeous kids (I would love more kids, but my pelvic floor says no ;). Grab yourself a free copy of my bestselling books and join my reader family - I will make you very welcome! xxx


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The Ivy Lessons

A strict college teacher
His beautiful young student
A simmering secret romance you’ll never forget.

The Ivy Lessons is part of a 5-book series by a NYT bestselling author, but can be read as a standalone book.

When I won a student place Ivy College, I couldn’t believe my luck.
One of the most famous drama schools in London, Ivy College is a beautiful castle-like building set in roaming green grounds.
I’ve been given a full-scholarship – enough for my college fees, full-board, plus a whole new wardrobe.
But there’s a problem.
Ivy College is owned by famous, young British actor, Marc Blackwell.
Impossibly handsome and indie-star sexy, Marc teaches us once a week.
His eyes go deep into my soul and I can’t look away. Sometimes, our hands touch. But Marc's discipline is totally forbidden