I am here to share a story with you, or two, or twenty if you're willing. But fair warning: if you are fond of longwinded detailed descriptions or you aren't into first person POV then my books probably won't be amongst your favorites. Also, brace yourself for a tale that is driven by the story. What does that mean? That **everything** is up for grabs in any of my tellings, which I understand some might find uncomfortable but if you'll trust me with that liberty in range then I can promise you a journey worth taking.

I have a completed work (Not Alone) along with some samples and previews available on this site. I hope at least one of them will tickle your fancy and if it happens to be that you like your free download, I hope you will consider giving my other stories a shot. Thank you.


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L.C. Kincaide

A terrifying future no matter who - or what - you are.

Elsa Joseph

What does it mean to be alone? E Darkwood book will make you think.

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Land Highest

Earth's Greatest Circus Proudly Presents,
Fortunata: the luckiest of origins.

An origin is a beginning but where does someone begin? Those of us in the troupe would say our beginning, our true origin can be summed up in one word: Circus.

For us Circus is more than just the suspended bars and taut line you see above you, it's more than the name of any act, more than any single acrobat. Which by the way I overheard one of you earlier struggling with a-cro-bat but don't worry about it, some of our youngest stumble on it too (pun intended) and you know what I say? Whatever you call them they still fly!

And that's the thing to remember.
Many of us where born here, many of us joined during the journey across the stars but regardless of how we came under its loving wings for all of Circus is where we are, where we transform ourselves, where we express ourselves, where ourselves reach out to yourselves and together we will have the greatest fortune bestowed upon us: an unforgettable show.


Curse Of The White Dragon The Prequel OR A Story Of Heartbreak

Before the Queens who ruined the lands, there were the Kings who defined them.
History remembers the Queens by scars, while ’King’ is a word that never was.

Is history fickle or is it wise? Only those who lived it know the lies.

Lies —some might say— are just another name for an unproven story.

- -
This is the prequel to a medium burn RH series that revolves around a curse. A curse that seeks destruction, one that has already left the lands ignorant and afraid. But with those last two consequences comes an unexpected third: only the strongest and bravest survive within its domain.


Temptation (The 7 Virtues Side Story)

His name is Rand. Now whether that was always his name...

By the end it would be the only one he’ll ever answer to.

This is a story that takes place in the universe of The 7 Virtues but can be read independently to the main series.


Ennui (Book 1.5 of The G.A.M.E.Z. Duology) SAMPLE

G's: Where beauty in death, is a requirement.

In the first book of this duology we ventured into the deadly G.A.M.E.Z. along with Mayla and Denton who teamed up with Riley, the self-professed Choreographer out to make Champions.

But how did she come to be at the G's? What brought her there seemly prepared to take the duo to The Top? Just who is the girl behind the precise routines and harsh training? And what made her seek The Title with such zeal?

This is her story.

May the G.A.M.E.Z. begin.


Pink Board? You can kiss my soccer ball! PREVIEW

There once was a boy who had four best friends. The five of them might have bonded over skating but that love helped spark a lifelong friendship that only got stronger when they were lucky enough to have kids, then they knew they'd completely lucked out when their kids became best friends too.
But what was even better than that?
All the kids inherited their love of the sport.
“Boards for life!!” Shouted the youngest of their pack even when she fell off her board but that never stopped little Nina. No, she was determined to have the bestest and fastest skating in all the park, if only her Daddy would take her already!

This is the story of a girl and her best friends. And yes that includes a soccer ball.


Make Me A Corpse PREVIEW

A contemporary ghost story, with cheerleaders?

Life as a cheerleader is everything Brooke ever wanted; friends, fun and popularity. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it to! And sometimes you even get things you didn't ask for...

Like free samples, duh!

But then, there are those "samples" life hands you that you'd rather be able to say 'no thank you' to.

Brooke has already had a time in her life she just doesn't talk about, it's gone, it happened, time to move on. Not even when she's faced with new creepy circumstances will she allow the past to haunt her. **No one** messes with a Cheer Captain. NO ONE. Game on ghost, game on!!


It Matters SAMPLE

A story of change.
An instance of how the world around us shapes us, if we don't shape it.
- -

Darren lives in a world ruled by trends. Where what you look like defines who you are, what you can/can't do and how others treat you. This definition shifts every day.

Darren takes the name of Dare as a silent opposition to this system.

This “daring”, as intended, creates a target.
But what happens when more than one person strikes?


It's All About The Green SAMPLE

What happens when your life is unexpectedly a puzzle?
What if you do your best to forget the mystery,
then you find the piece you didn't even know was missing?

Garrett Brown has always had a talent for money.

With an easygoing and social personality he is the ideal salesman. Always willing to go the extra mile for a client, no matter how strange the request.

Only one thing has ever shaken him. Without his knowing how, his life drastically changed. He ran.

Now he has a comfortable life, yet his only interactions are business related. Always gathering more funds, always preparing. Thanks to his years of work, he is well on his way to regaining his life. With every step closer he feels that much more convinced green is the answer.

Will his conviction prove true?


Un-tameable PREVIEW

A host is a promise of a new life.
A human host, is a valuable commodity. But for Security Subsection 30 Tier 110 Cubicle 350 Enforcer Rank 1, a lone member of the dominant species who at the lowest rank possible isn't dominating anybody, *both* are clearly an unattainable dream.
Until today.
For on this particular day the offer of a lifetime will be made.
However all is not as it seems, for to be offered a host is 'an impossibility for someone like her' or so she has repeatedly been told.
Which begs the question, which is worse? To live out her days floating in the safety of her isolated bubble or risking it all on a host who rumour has it has been branded as hopeless to tame?


3rd Person PREVIEW

Enter an Academy that teaches all how to harness their magic.

In a school that aims to bring out your unique powers a fire user with no flame, a kid with chaotic energy and a guy who isn't the same height from one day to another, might sound like a tall order, yet it's really only another day in the life.

*What actually doesn't help* the struggling best friends is that The Unstoppable Heir of the Spirits, who everybody “just so happens” to steer clear of, has decided he wants the trio O-U-T out.

Three dubiously able magic students and a school bully.
What could possibly go wrong?


What Is Love? SAMPLE

Love is ubiquitous, yet surprisingly hard to unanimously define.
Is it eternal, ephemeral? Does love conquer all or is it the source of our deepest suffering?

In this book we try to see, what love *is*.


Forever Blue SAMPLE

When you can't see any brightness. When the world is but a burden. When the past keeps you from moving on, but the future is equally unappealing.

Are you forever blue?


Not Alone

When the world is a dull shade. When your truest companion is your own shadow. When the only one around is the person in the mirror; someone you don't know.

What does it mean, to be alone?