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I am here to share a story (or two) with you, if you're willing, however, fair warning: if you are fond of longwinded detailed descriptions or you aren't into first person POV then my books probably won't be amongst your favorites. I have two running series, the [SEC] and the [MCC] available on Amazon but I have other shorter complete works here on InstaFreebie. Thus if you like your free download, I hope you will consider giving my other stories a shot. Either way, thank you for reading.


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L.C. Kincaide

A terrifying future no matter who - or what - you are.

Elsa Joseph

What does it mean to be alone? E Darkwood book will make you think.

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Colored Rink PREVIEW

G's: Where beauty in death, is a requirement.
- -

With a name like G.A.M.E.Z. everyone thought it was a joke. But it was a joke that worked; they tuned in, and it became the biggest competition on the planet thanks largely to its deadly punchline.

Mayla and Denton are two young zan who dream of competing in the G.A.M.E.Z. despite the risk. Even though the chances of winning are practically nonexistent, sometimes all that's left is to try.

One chance. One dream. One bickering team.

It’s all or nothing when you enter, the G.A.M.E.Z.



Un-tameable PREVIEW

A host is a promise of a new life.
A human host, is a valuable commodity. But for Security Subsection 30 Tier 110 Cubicle 350 Enforcer Rank 1, a lone member of the dominant species who at the lowest rank possible isn't dominating anybody, *both* are clearly an unattainable dream.
Until today.
For on this particular day the offer of a lifetime will be made.
However all is not as it seems, for to be offered a host is 'an impossibility for someone like her' or so she has repeatedly been told.
Which begs the question, which is worse? To live out her days floating in the safety of her isolated bubble or risking it all on a host who rumour has it has been branded as hopeless to tame?


What Is Love? SAMPLE

Love is ubiquitous, yet surprisingly hard to unanimously define.
Is it eternal, ephemeral? Does love conquer all or is it the source of our deepest suffering?

In this book we try to see, what love *is*.


It Matters SAMPLE

A story of change.
An instance of how the world around us shapes us, if we don't shape it.
- -

Darren lives in a world ruled by trends. Where what you look like defines who you are, what you can/can't do and how others treat you. This definition shifts every day.

Darren takes the name of Dare as a silent opposition to this system.

This “daring”, as intended, creates a target.
But what happens when more than one person strikes?


It's All About The Green SAMPLE

What happens when your life is unexpectedly a puzzle?
What if you do your best to forget the mystery,
then you find the piece you didn't even know was missing?

Garrett Brown has always had a talent for money.

With an easygoing and social personality he is the ideal salesman. Always willing to go the extra mile for a client, no matter how strange the request.

Only one thing has ever shaken him. Without his knowing how, his life drastically changed. He ran.

Now he has a comfortable life, yet his only interactions are business related. Always gathering more funds, always preparing. Thanks to his years of work, he is well on his way to regaining his life. With every step closer he feels that much more convinced green is the answer.

Will his conviction prove true?



Forever Blue SAMPLE

When you can't see any brightness. When the world is but a burden. When the past keeps you from moving on, but the future is equally unappealing.

Are you forever blue?


Not Alone

When the world is a dull shade. When your truest companion is your own shadow. When the only one around is the person in the mirror; someone you don't know.

What does it mean, to be alone?