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The Strokerville Chronicles

Dr. Stuffinfuzz is back and packing one mean hard-on for the populous of Strokerville. After having been locked away for so long, he simply can’t wait to get back to plying them with scores of deviant sexual shenanigans. The second volume of the Strokerville Chronicles has been completed and details nothing short of this madman's insane attempts to wreak depraved sexual vengeance on the society that previously ousted him.


Gypsy Moon

Pentacle Point’s reputation for strange occurrences is well-known throughout its populace, but even Jeremy was surprised when he awoke one day to the reality that he had the ability to mentally manipulate anyone that he met to the will of his most deviant desires. A deal with a devilish shopkeeper who had only asked for the long forgotten pleasures of his youthful body in exchange. But with this being Pentacle Point, Jeremy was eventually left to wonder if that would be the final price for the fulfillment of his every ravenous craving.