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Samantha is attending a sex therapy workshop, hosted by the enigmatic, impossibly handsome and highly regarded psychosexual therapist Ryan Brantwell, known in the trade as Dr Sex.
Having done some research before attending, Samantha thinks she knows more or less what lies in store, but Ryan Brantwell turns out to be much more than just a man who knows a thing or two about sex. He’s amazingly talented, intuitive and full of fun-filled ideas. He has a way with women, an ability to empathise, to become their close confidant.
As Samantha begins to immerse herself in his program she finds out things she never knew about herself. The goals she thought she had seem much less clear and she finds that her views are becoming altered and distorted. Very soon things really start to unravel, and her l


Road to Ruin

Tiffany has plans. She has her life mapped out and wants to make something of herself.
Working in Riders Bar is nothing more than a temporary job while she's on vacation.

Until she meets Joshua Lyle and her whole world tilts on its axis.

Sparks fly between them.

But she knows his type - so full of himself, a line of girls kissing his feet in adoration - and she's pretty sure she doesn't want to join the crowd. He's the road to ruin. And she's seen what that can do to a girl.

But... the best laid plans can go horribly wrong...