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Destruct - The Guard Trilogy

Bianca Moore isn’t your everyday teenage girl. She is fierce, relentless and determined. A Child of The Guard, a community whose sole purpose is to protect the human race from all things supernatural.
Bianca is reckless, cocky and has a gift for landing herself in more trouble than she can possibly manage. Entering her senior year at The Guard Academy, Bianca has one goal and one goal only, to graduate top of the Combat Program and help herself to a one-way ticket to The Front Lines. However, being a female up against the guys, the odds are not in her favour. Not to mention, her hot as Hell, badass instructor, Rylan Neill is one stolen car away from kicking her out on her ass.
Can Bianca overcome the hurdles that stand in her way and win the stamp of approval from Rylan or will it all come