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The Letter Mage

When 14-year-old Aleph Worf-Sapir chooses to enroll in the Lunar University's first-ever student exchange program, he already knows he's entering enemy territory. The other departments have been attacking the tiny College of the Glottal Moon as long as he can remember. He's lost friends. He's lost family. Driven by the desire to keep his home and loved ones safe, Aleph confronts the other departments head-on.
He has no idea what he's in for.
The brilliant Prism Witches want to lock him up, the mysterious Fourier Monks want to steal him away, the Glottal Moon isn’t what he thought it was, and the Land Below sent a strange (and handsome) young man to the moons to stir up trouble. Aleph has to figure out who he can trust, and fast.
Everything’s changing.