​Aubrey Campbell enjoys writing about witches, gothic romance, creepy mansions in the mountains, sometimes vampires, sometimes sci-fi gunslingers, and always with a twist of the macabre.


Teen & Young Adult


Rachel Sullivan

Love this cover! Can't wait to read this book!

Paige Howland

Love this cover, and the story sounds fantastic! Witches and monsters and romance? Yes, please.

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The Spirit Witch - Preview

Embark into the dark forested mountains of Transylvania on an adventure full of witches, romance, spells, and hexes!

On her wedding day, Charlotte de Winter carried a crossbow as she walked a lone dirt road through a snow-laden forest. She wasn't saying her vows as she had hoped. Instead, she was hunting the monster who killed the man she loved.

But there's only a small window of opportunity to bring Alexander Prescott back from the dead. And breaking a curse isn't easy, especially for a seventeen year old witch who has so many spells left to learn before her knowledge of witchcraft is complete.

Can Charlotte save Alexander from his cruel fate? Or will this monster with the power of death and darkness at his command destroy her magic entirely? ​