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Christmas Car Kerfuffle

A Novella

Two days before Christmas, single mom Blythe Mason is stunned when her car is not at the mechanic’s shop where she dropped it off. Apparently an employee gave her car to the wrong person and it is now five hundred miles away. All the Christmas gifts that she’d carefully budgeted out for her children were in the trunk.

Zayden Crile can’t believe his employee made such a huge mistake. And with his former sister-in-law. His brother ran off, leaving her with two small children. Zayden takes care of her car as a favor. He certainly never intended to make a mistake which could ruin Christmas for her and the kids.

Forced to ride together to get her car, Blythe starts to see Zayden in a new light. Maybe she married the wrong brother. Can one honest mistake patch a new family together?



What He Wants

After being released after a ten-year prison stint for a crime he didn’t commit, Torque Baxter is simply looking to keep his nose clean and get back to working on his passion—diesel motors. But the ten year old Popular Mechanics magazines provided by the prison weren’t enough to keep him competitive, and no one wants to hire a convict with a rap sheet, no matter how undeserving it is.

Cassidy Kimbell knows Torque didn’t have to lie and serve her prison sentence. She’s spent the last ten years making some major changes in her life. She’s become a lawyer and a child advocate. But she can’t keep herself from feeling like she owes the man who made it all possible. What do ten years of a man’s life cost?