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Hi, I am Franciska, a Hungarian writer, journalist and blogger. I’ve been writing short stories and news articles since my teenage years. Later on, I started to write a blog. I worked as a journalist for over a decade, but I’ve always wanted to be a full-time writer. live in Lapland with my Finnish husband and my son who was born in Rovaniemi.

I have had different types of jobs in my life. By now I came to the conclusion that it is possible to live without writing. But it is not worth it. Only when I write I don’t feel like wasting my time while I should do something more important.


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The City and the Girl: a Journal of My Adventures in Budapest

Can we fall in love with a city? Can we then become so disenchanted with it that we leave it and never come back? The City and the Girl: a Journal of My Adventures in Budapest is an edited version of my blog from the time when I moved to Budapest.
The City and the Girl is the time capsule of a country girl from Budapest as it was a decade ago. The book talks about how impersonal big city life can be and also about poverty and urban ugliness. It also describes the little miracles you can find living in a place like this: all the exciting discoveries and the things that provoke emotions about the city and your life in it. These stories encourage you to open your eyes, to leave your comfort zone and see the true face of the place where you live.