Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult


Veronica North

I could go on and on, really. I won't ever get tired of waxing lyrical about this novel. It's a one-of-a-kind book. 10/10, would recommend.

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Simia (The Sky Drifter Book 2)

Barely escaping the Sky Drifter, Seven finds himself inside an escape pod hurtling toward his native planet: Simia. There, he and the mysterious girl must find their way across an unknown land and seek protection by the Council. New challenges await him when he tries to adjust to the real world and finds his favorite sport, Sphere, banned. Will Seven survive the continued alien attacks? Will he thrive at Laurea academy? Will he uncover his real identity?


Meeting The Regulars

I guess I was nine or ten when I died. Yeah, so what? It's none of your business. Listen, I'm here to warn you. You have to run. You have to hide. They're coming. Mr. Cage is coming. You don't want to be like me, do you? Though it's probably too late now...



The Sky Drifter

Ever felt like the rug got swept from under you…? I have enough to deal with: Quantum Physics class is stupid hard, I got my knee dislocated again in Sphere, and No-Face insists on showing up where he's not wanted.
Now I keep seeing some strange girl around, but when I tell my friends about it, she disappears before they can see her.

UPDATE: Sometimes I wish I'd never met her. Even if everything sucked sometimes, at least it made sense. But now that she's shown me what's really going on, I need to get off this ship - fast! Hopefully, in one piece.

Will Seven be able to escape the Sky Drifter before it’s too late?