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J Mercury Jones writes from Seattle WA. You can also find him on tumblr at jmercuryjones or boymercuryx (both adults only). His first published book, Bearding The Lion, is available on Amazon.


Science Fiction


Phebe Solar

This seems to be an interesting hot plot description. I love how the author intertwines MM sex with Male pregnancy

Adam Jacobs

Hot, thoughtful, witty, and tender - "The Fit" is everything a short gay story should be. A charming and thoroughly sexy tale by a talented author you'll want to read much more of.

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When two amateur hunters run afoul of an angry goddess, their one-of-a-kind advocate arranges for one chance to save their hides.

It's not the boys weekend either expected.

Stag contains explicit MM sexual content.

Approximately 9,600 words.




Jesse King has had enough of the battle of the sexes. He longs for the simpler days when he was a college stud, and envisions a life liberated from the contrary urges and needs of men and women.

As he considers divorce, his wife suggests a novel solution to their stalemate: Mantown.

Is she serious? And even if she is, can he go through with it?

Mantown contains explicit MM sexual content.

Mantown is approximately 8400 words.


In Like A Lion

March comes in like a lion at the Triple Hit MMA gym, in a stand alone follow up to Bearding The Lion.

Gym owner mensch Ken Kelly takes on all comers in an arm wrestling championship, while young reporter David Levy and upstart fighter Connor Ryan continue to play for advantage in their own ambiguous relationship.

In Like A Lion contains explicit MM and FM sexual content.

Reading Bearding The Lion not necessary to enjoy this standalone story. Approximately 8,600 words.



The Rut (Preview)

When The Rut takes hold it's breeding season for jocks and bros in a world where biology is... well, knocked up.

When young men impregnate each other in a frantic race to reproduce, a onetime home for unwed girls takes on the expecting rowdy boys. But even a full belly can't tame their appetites for trouble or each other.

But what is The Rut, why does it overwhelms athletic young men and what does it mean for the future of the species?

✩ This special preview of The Rut, an MPREG novella, contains male pregnancy and graphic MM sex. ✩



When Nick's ex-boyfriend is abducted at the Greek Festival, his chase after him takes a series of unexpected turns into a world of sex and myth.

With each twist and turn, Nick discovers more about his Greek warrior king companion, the beast they pursue and the nature of the maze itself.

But will he have learned all he needs to know by the time he faces his own fateful choice in the heart of the labyrinth?

☆ This ePub features an original cover illustration by co-writer Graham Groans. ☆

Labyrinth includes graphic depictions of M/M sex between humans and mythic figures. Approximately 9,4300 words.


Speed of Light

Identical twins Berto and Nando understand each other like no one else. But their lives conspire to test the limits of biology and destiny when desire travels at near the speed of light.

Speed of Light contains explicit MM sexual content between related persons. Approximately 4,800 words.


The Fit

Sam and Max don't see eye to eye on buying suits for the big day, but there may be more to it than either expected as the look for the right fit.

The Fit contains explicit MM sexual content. Approximately 9,400 words.