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TOMORROW IS A FASCINATING TOPIC. We can't ignore it or run from it or think it doesn't concern us. It's coming, no matter what. I wonder about tomorrow a lot and I try to write down the things I think about. You may not care or agree, but you're wondering about tomorrow, too. Maybe you just don't know it. I've done a lot of things in my life, only some of them crazy. Today I live in Colorado with a wonderful wife. I have a couple of kids who live nearby and are still willing to talk to me. All of my family puts up with this crazy new life I'm starting. I'm seriously lucky that way. Writing isn't new for me, but I've only recently rediscovered my passion for it. I've just published my first novel. I'm working on a second. I don't know where this renewed interest in writing will lead me, but I'm having fun and that's what we should all be doing. Visit my website at for more about me and what I write.


Science Fiction

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The Game Within

The idea has always been to escape. That desire to be somebody we’re not is strong in humans. We like to pretend. Sure, as we age we get more sophisticated about hiding it, but make no mistake, we never tire of make-believe. The World Within is make-believe elevated to its highest imagining. A different place where you can be a different person.

- Marcus Helkar
December 2026

Brilliant game designer Marcus Helkar created something spectacular. A place so enticing, so consuming, players forgot about real life. It wasn't playing a game. It was living in a different world.

Until the locks were removed. Until the game changed the rules.

Now Marcus must stop the game he created before it becomes too real. And he can only do it from within the game itself. If he can't correct the problem so