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Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation: A Short Guide

Do you feel stuck in your meditation practice? Have you stopped meditating altogether because you feel your mind is just too restless? Take a step back and review solutions to the most common obstacles that stand in your way. This short guide (15 pages) is filled with actionable advice that will enable you to practice with greater insight and renewed enthusiasm.


When Leaves Fall

Cancer turned 38-year-old Dr. Laura McDermott’s life upside down until a chance encounter with a mysterious priest changed her life forever…

When Dr. Laura McDermott is diagnosed with stage IV melanoma, her perfect world is plunged into chaos.

Resting between treatments on a Boston city bench, she is overwhelmed by an unexpected peace that appears to be emanating from an old stone church behind her.

Despite being a proud atheist, she’s unable to resist the pull to step inside, where she meets a mysterious priest who will challenge her deepest convictions and prepare her to receive life’s greatest revelation…

Full of profound spiritual teachings and a surprise ending that will leave you breathless, this story is not to be missed. Great for fans of The Shack or Tuesdays with Morrie.