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Science Fiction

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Clockwork Ice

In a land of constant snow and ice, men band together in the clockwork cities—marvelous constructions of steam-powered warmth and intricate metalwork.

Safe within their walls, it is said that only the best and brightest become students of the Crystal College.

Nandor is neither the best nor the brightest. He is a man most people would insult. Born homeless, mostly jobless, poor, and somewhat uncouth, it seems he is destined to live in the gutters.

Yet against all odds, he has managed to become a student—an untamed barbarian among the civilized high-born lads and lasses.

Question is, can he overcome his hardships, graduate, and become the man he knows he is meant to be?

His fellow students would rather duel him than help. The headmasters and teachers like him little better.



Ashes and Sunshine

After a great meteor fell on the world, it turned into a land of ashes and waste. Ganglords rule the ruins, and few venture into the dark side of the planet. Throughout the wars and shifts in power, one woman struggles to survive. (This is a short story)