Megan Mayfair is a Melbourne writer who likes her fiction with a big dash of romance and a spoonful of family intrigue.

A mum to three children, she collects scarves and is fueled by coffee.

Her short stories, Picking up the Pieces and The Tarot Reader are available on Instafreebie.

Her debut novel, The Things We Leave Unsaid published by Crooked Cat Books, and is available at Amazon:

Her second novel, Tangled Vines, also published by Crooked Cat Books will be released in December and is available for pre-order via Amazon:


Women's Fiction


Jillian Jones

This is a fun short story. I highly recommend it.

Jan Moran

Lovely short story, and loe the Hong Kong setting!

Melissa Ferguson

Not only is this cover so cheery, you can't go wrong with a love story in a new destination at a wedding! Sounds delightful!

Stella Quinn

Clarissa has a broken heart, and it's going to take courage, a Chinese proverb, and the kindness of a stranger to help her realise she's on the mend. <br /> Picking up the Pieces is Megan Mayfair's romantic tale about love, hurt, and meeting a green-eyed stranger, set against the lush cultural backdrop of modern Hong Kong.<br /> An exotic location - a chance encounter - there's loads to love in this charming short story.

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