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Falon: The Ancient Blood Awakens (A War of Blood & Scales)

Always just out of my reach: the human world.
I am the last born of the Dragons and it seems like everyone is okay with that, but I’m not.
I’ve heard that the ancient blood still runs through some humans. Ancient blood that I think could be the key to new life amongst Dragon kind.
I need to know, even if it means losing my freedom, my sovereign home, or worse.
I can’t just go along with all the others and live out the centuries in a loveless, childless marriage while I watch us Dragons go extinct.
Even if it’s only a slight chance, I must see if the rumors are true. Maybe the key to our fate lies in the humans.
In that human world I’ll find her; my mate, the mother of new dragons.
And if I ever find her, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her safe.