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The War Edition

Have you deserted an army whose need for your martyrdom was dire? How can you live with yourself today? Maybe, you have never been a soldier before, or you fought and stood your ground. Have you ever been running away? From yourself?

I’m running naked as the sky
bound by the fog of war, the smoke, the stars
I had none to define me so I’m everywhere
I am everyone like a big blank canvas
no one would stop to stare
a deserter I look at him today and wonder
twenty-five years like a moment never passed
am I not better off living, a father
or would I have better been a martyr
dousing a dying legend of a cause or a man-
there were a thousand reasons to die for
I chose one for which, today, I live.

The War Edition is a collection of poems that displays all kinds of war and not only the ones we



What would a bullet say on its way to an innocent boy’s skull somewhere in the world where it can triumph and conquer over man?

a memory flashes here and there,
his family on a wall lined up and killed
like lambs no one did understand
what their blood for, was spilled,
but I doubt the boy still recollects;
Oh no! I know what I’m here for—
I saw the purpose in his small brain—
like all these soldiers who died in vain,
the boy’s mind was thinking of but one thing—
like all of us, the boy was only playing a game.

Identity is collection of poems about who we are and what we might find if we really look inside and mean to learn and face whatever we find.


The Scream

What do you believe in, religion or man? What could happen if an alien from Mars comes and he is not what we expected him to be? What do you belong to, or do you belong at all?
I belong to no country…
I belong to no religion…
I belong to no race—
a color mismatch
can take your reason away;
all your eyes can see
is but a shade of who I am…
The Scream is a collection of poetry from the heart with no veil to block the light from reaching who we are and what we have come to be in the world of today.


The Antichrist

Secluded on an island after the big war, the Islanders are on the brink of uncovering the truth about the greatest secret in human history. Will that truth consolidate their existence or bring about their destruction?

Jedidiah Islander is the new king after his beloved father’s long rule of the Island. The new blood he brings along may be too risky for the peaceful existence of the Islanders, but change never comes without sacrifice and risk. The One is the first of 23 short stories in the Antichrist ranging from fantasy and science fiction to realistic fiction. Each story in the collection touches upon a topic deeply rooted in our human existence.