Women's Fiction

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Forever Mine

Having loved and lost, can Scott and Shevaughn get things right this time?

After being betrayed by his fiancée, Scott Fine isn't about to trust another woman.

Shevaughn Young escaped from her marriage to a control freak and isn’t planning to give up her independence a second time.

A mix up with their hotel booking throws them together and Scott and Shevaughn realize they want the same thing—an interlude with no strings attached.

That’s until their connection turns into something they didn’t anticipate. Now they’re hard-pressed to keep their passion from flaring out of control and into something that looks like forever.



Holiday Sampler

The holidays are a time for fun and excitement, so revel in the Christmas season by downloading a copy of J.L. Campbell's Holiday Sampler.
Indulge your holiday mood with Jade and her side-kick, Ridley, a Pit-Bull mix who comes into her life by accident. Then venture into the world of auctions with Feechi and Carsten.
Remember what it’s like to be young and in love? Journey with Malik and Natasha as they discover the right person can come along even when you’re in the wrong relationship.
Sherryn and Reece have the perfect family, but trouble comes to their doorstep, but by the time Christmas comes around, things look different.
Anya’s Wish celebrates the holidays in Jamaican fashion as one woman finds romance just in time for the holidays. Note - this story is a complete novella.