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Five Stories Up

Set in New York City on Halloween night, this is a deliciously scary story fitting into the Urban Legend style.It is Halloween night, 1967 in New York City. Young Sonia and her brothers spill out into the chilled evening air, full of the joy and revelry of the Trick-or-Treaters. But high above on the roof of the old tenement where she lives, a pale face lurks, watching, waiting to beckon... Young, brave, and clueless, they have no chance.


Veil of Mist

This is a sample of Veil of Mist, the 2nd volume of the Vampires in the Mist series. This series is a novella serial in the Reverse Harem (paranormal) genre. Each volume is approximately 80 pages (about two hours to read).

Rose, escorted by her three dashing vampire guardians, sets on a voyage to the Sisterhood’s enclave. Soon the ship come under attack as it becomes clear that another coven will do anything to get possession of her.

As her guardians vow to protect her, and the emotional bond and attraction she feels to each male strengthens, she learns that the savage beast that inhabits each of them is never far off and may be more deadly to her than any other enemy could ever be.


Once Chosen

Rose is pretty, single, living at home. She works the Macy’s perfume counter and takes a couple of community college classes. She makes enough to pay her iPhone and to party with her friends on weekends. Aimless and ambivalent, she is merely waiting for the lights to go on in her head. But her life takes a turn she never expected when she is seduced at a South Beach party and wakes up alone and naked in a strange, moonlit beach. She is plunged into a world of danger and intrigue, surrounded by nightmarish monsters and beautiful, seductive creatures bent on possessing her. She has only two choices: surrender or die, but Rose has always had a problem making choices.


Angel's Guardian

Maxim lives in New York City. Self-exiled from the vampire nation, he spends his days in quiet solitude and his nights prowling the heights and hunting evil, his prey of choice. On a cold, November night, he chances upon a gang rape in a desolate back alley. He leaps at the chance to feed on predators of the worst kind, his favorite prey. But the situation takes a turn he never expected, and soon he finds himself wishing he'd made a different choice on that fateful night.

Angelica has been on the run for years. Kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring at the age of fourteen, she escaped only to be relentlessly pursued by her enemies ever since. Tonight, they found her. As she lies dying on a cold, dark alley, her only fear is for the secret she desperately hid moments before they found her.