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The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol.1

Princess Ariella Ostragorion of the Golden Peaks is one of the few left in the Eastern Realm whose bloodline possesses a power known as the Inner Eye. With it, she has a power that is beyond imagination; the ability to create frost and ice, but it is a talent that she shares with King Jasteroth, a malevolent force who is said to control the Black Magic Sorcerers, the most powerful enemies of the Eastern Realm. The lethal half-elvish warrior, Austin Alvar, is ordered by the Council of The Community and Members of the Elite to train Ariella and protect her at all costs. Austin carries secrets about his own past; he knows that Jasteroth and the Sorcerers are separate entities. Can he convince the others of the truth about Jasteroth and the Sorcerers without revealing the truth about himself?