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I'm Jessie R. Ryder, author of steamy suspense romances.

I come from London, UK (home of Big Ben and dreadful weather), with my family and.... our new bunny, Rosie


Women's Fiction

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Fierce. Protective…and Broken.
Tortured by a past that torments my mind.
My demons swinging from the ceilings.

I was her dark, mysterious savior.
Defenseless. Her fate in my hands.
I saved her. Claimed her. Owned her.
And she is a godsend.
Teasing lips. Curves to die for.
Everything I need… everything I want… and then some.
Obsession? No doubt.

Our perfect little universe seemed all too perfect.
And I was right…
Taken. That f*cker.
Back from the dead and ready to kill.
An empty shell of a man out for the ultimate revenge.
I’ll track down that animal.
He’s taken his shot. But I’ve cheated death before.

The only question, when I fire back, who’ll get shot down?



Jaxson Beginnings

If she only knew me for the monster I have become…

I chose a dark and violent past early on in life.
Today, I’m damaged goods.
Tortured by a past that haunts me.
This life has already gradually corroded me.
Someday, I’ll be forced to pay for what I’ve done.

I endanger everything I hold dear.
I’ve never lowered my guard.
Never let a woman into this world.
One moment of kindness, and decide to help her.
The girl who brought me face to face with my past.
I owe her everything for her life which I defaced.
I’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means my sanity or my survival go under.

My deepest fear is that I’ll draw her into a dark world she’ll never escape.