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Letting Go

Feeling bored and unfulfilled with her humdrum life, Jennifer seeks excitement exploring the online personals. Driven by a need she does not fully understand, she responds to an ad that is definitely on the kinky side, never dreaming that she will actually follow through with a meeting. But on the other side of the ad is a man who seems able to peer deep inside her head and her heart at will. When Jennifer knocks on his door, she is drawn into a sensual and sexual world she never knew existed…
This book is rated XXX and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

"Books are my true lovers--I've taken far more of them to bed than I have men.
And I've been disappointed far less often." Jennifer, in Letting Go.



Breathless is Book One in an award-winning nine book paranormal romance series called the Blue Fire Saga. Filled with magic, supernatural danger, tender romance and humor, this is a book you won't want to miss!
“Breathless is a truly captivating read. The characters are impossible to forget.” ~
“Breathless is for sure a page turner. When I finished, I wanted more.” ~ Paranormal Book Club
“Breathless is a book you will fall in love with and want to read over and over again.” ~ Bite This! Vampire Book Blog