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Science Fiction
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The Fatherless: Alastar’s Urban War

Three young souls are locked into a life and death struggle inside a bloodthirsty youth culture.
Fire, wilderness, poisoned steel and catacombs. Get ready for Alastar's urban war.
Being born was easy. Being stolen from our mothers — tougher, but Alastar and Sophia had to focus on two things: accruing strength and survival.
Being different didn't help Sophia because extreme sensitivity isn't always a gift. It helped Alastar though because he had been born cold — like all of the best soldier class operatives.
Survival of the ruthless is the norm, but it’s the will of the Legend that’s the new rule. This book tips its hat to classics such Ender’s Game but has been described as the Outsiders meets Hunger Games.
Embedded with lethal peers, treacherous allies, and facing daily dangers — Sophia