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Science Fiction

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Overland Quest

The King is dead! Or is he? Young Maverick Oldholm over hears a frightful rumor in the tavern "Foeman's Cave" in his hometown of Milestill that the king of Overland, King Overlord himself is dead.

Rumors say that the evil wizard Morcai of Fire Castle has taken up residence in Kings Castle and is assembling an army to subdue the rest of the towns and castles of Overland before word gets out and they can mount a defense.

"Wives Tales!!!" say the old warriors at the tavern, but Maverick feels there is more to this rumor than that and more importantly, even if the King lives, Maverick knows the king is in grave danger and he must be warned. But a journey through the Overland is perilous and few there are that venture out into the Overland and return back again.