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London Boss

“My assistant is off limits, but rules are made to be broken.”

It takes ruthless action to be a billionaire like me.
Relationships are a waste of time. I don’t need them.
But then I saw her, my rival’s assistant.
I took her from him.
I did it to get back at him.
But being my new assistant was all that she could be.
I had a past, and now assistants were off limits.
Still... I want to make her mine.

She’s smart. She’s good at her job.
She wants to rise within my company.
I want to protect her from my past mistakes.
I have dark secrets, she won’t understand.
My rival wants to push her away from me.
I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him take her.
But I didn’t know he had a game of his own.
I must win to keep her. I must tell her everything.