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The Polar Bear Killing

When a polar bear is sighted in a sleepy Icelandic fishing village, then shot dead by local policeman Constable Halldór, it triggers a debate in the local community. Was Halldór a hero for killing the bear, or should the animal have been protected?
Animal rights activists in the area see the constable as a villain, and when days later the dead body of Halldór is discovered at a remote beauty spot, the activists are immediately under suspicion.
As Sergeant Magnus Ragnarsson and his colleague Detective Vigdís Audardóttir begin to investigate the policeman's murder, they soon discover that things are not as clear-cut as might first appear. By degrees, Magnus and Vigdís are drawn into this small and complex community - one riven with rivalries and grudges - in search of a deadly killer...


The Partnership Track

Six candidates. One Partner. One death.

It is deep midwinter. Six ambitious vice presidents of Labouchere Associates are gathered together at an isolated mountain lodge in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for a weekend of corporate mind games. By Monday one of them will become a Partner and earn at least a million a year. And one of them will be dead.

A 70 page novella from the master of financial thrillers. Praise for Michael Ridpath:
“It is the author's insight into the complexities of the business world that gives his novel so much life. And he can write... Yes, he has a winner here.” - The New York Times
“Ridpath has that read-on factor that sets bestsellers apart.” - The Guardian
"International thriller writing at its best" - Peter James