Lincoln Chase was born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He and his wife Ivy live near Tulsa, Oklahoma with their two children. Lincoln enjoys baseball, reading and spending time with his family. Oh, and he's a little camera shy.

Although Lincoln dabbles in a variety of genres, he gravitates toward horror, thrillers and urban fantasy.


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Science Fiction


Leon Cameron

Movie poster quality cover! Great premise.

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Kinda Sorta Dead (Preview)

Dominic Wolfe dies for a living. You’d think it would be hard to screw up—dying should be a whole lot easier than living, wouldn’t you think?—but if Dominic has one finely-honed talent, it’s screwing up like a boss. Naturally, when a needy client demands the impossible—well, forbidden—Dominic figures, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, everything.

Bite-sized and value-priced for readers with crap to do and bills to pay, the Dominic Wolfe series is at once dark, frightening and downright hilarious.