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The second book of the Vagrant Chronicles, Mutant, finds Logan Hall married to Shayna and living on Gliese. When Eddie Chou scrounges communication equipment and contacts the Vagrants left on Earth, he discovers there’s a new bad guy in town. A mutant called Drayvon is systematically eradicating all of the Vagrants on Earth.

Eddie, Deklan Hall, Logan Hall, Knock and Fenfang steal a spaceship and return to Earth in a desperate attempt to save their friends and the rest of the Vagrants living in the underworld in an attempt to escape the drug-induced servitude of the company’s regime.


The Web Paige Chronicles

"Web Paige Chronicles offers a refreshing and empowering role model for young adults. By eschewing this iGeneration’s stereotypical malaise in favor of positive curiosity with technology, Iasiello folds practical cybersecurity guidance into a relatable story." -Scott Schober, author of Hacked Again
Wilhelmina Evangeline Beatriz Paige is better known as “Web” to her friends because of her seemingly endless knowledge of computers. Always eager to lend a hand, she takes pride in helping the “technically-challenged” in her neighborhood as part of her “pay-it-forward” philosophy. But when her closest friends become the targets of cyber bullying and online predators, Web realizes that safely navigating the Internet is more than just using strong passwords and antivirus protection.


The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain

Young Cathleen O’Brien comes from a poor Irish immigrant family, but she was enriched from her earliest childhood by a father who gave her the perfect treasure: Magic.

Cathleen is part of a clan of Celtic Mages with Magical roots going back to the Dark Times. Her father taught her the mystic arts of the Magic User and after she purchases a radio station in a remote mountain town, she’ll need this magic to survive.

Iron Mountain was a booming coal mining town in the late 1800s, but there is a sinister cloud hanging over this beautiful mountain setting. Old news clippings from those times, tell of town folk being hunted down and murdered and visitors disappearing off the trails, never to be seen again.


Hello Again

Bill Eisner escaped the high-powered world of dog eat dog and opened a neighborhood coffee shop. His high-maintenance girlfriend stayed behind. Now all he wants is a second chance in life, a chance to do something he enjoys and meet someone who can love him for who he is, not what he can buy her. The community loves him, the press loves him, and even the homeless think he’s one of the nicest guys around.

Finally, he thinks he’s found true happiness with the woman of his dreams. Until she’s murdered. At her funeral, Bill discovers that the woman he loved had a lot of secrets and told him a lot of lies. But does it matter? She’s gone forever. Or is she? Her text messages say otherwise.

The police don't believe Eisner and suspect he might be responsible for his girlfriend's death.


Red Jacaranda Leaves

In a world of magic and mysticism, peace and prosperity reins in the Akuwa and Piripiri kingdoms, however, something brews in the midst, and the wily witch doctor, the Sangoma, sees it in his visions, and will do anything to quell the threat. Even reintroducing the ancient art of purification. Princess Nia of the Piripiri tribe faces this bloody destiny, but her mother, Queen Zandile has other ideas. In the Akuwa Kingdom, bastard born Xolani befriends a water dragon, the Nyaminyami, and attempts to protect his tribesmen, and in due course, the kingdoms, from natures recoil at the rites of passage.


The Keeper's Secret: Tell-Tale Publishing's Annual Horror Anthology

Whether it’s history itself getting lost in the stone silence of a lighthouse or the time flow of medieval armor clashing from the grave into the now of your mind, this year’s honor roll of top stories from Tell-Tale Publishing will pull you up in your chair and set your pulse racing. But that’s what you want…isn’t it? There will be thoughtful dilemmas to keep you pondering, moral choices and choices for the oldest of reasons – love – and above all the test of love versus fate. Nowhere will fate be more exquisitely tangled than in the tale of a young woman trapped between the terror of sexual abuse and the unknowns in the magical world of a Jinn. And just as you think you’ve felt it all from rescues and would-be rescues each twisted with karma, steel yourself for one more.


Blood Moon Rising

Celtic Witch Cathleen O’Brien is drawn into her husband Jason’s search for a fifteen-year-old boy, lured away from home by a Warlock known as The Dread Preacher. Their gruesome finding leads them to a ghost town. Named Blood Moon Rising by the ancient tribe of Washoe Indians, the 1800s Nevada town was built over the tribes sacred burial grounds.

Under the unnatural red glow of the full moon, Cathleen must confront the Warlock’s coven of shape-shifting witches and their Lord, The Father of Darkness. He comes to partake in the feast they prepare for him, of innocent souls. His power is growing beyond even the Cathleen’s!


Dead Friends Running

Two friends rush off to Pennsylvania when they find out their friend who was treated for the virus ends up dead. They hope to find a way to save their best friend, who just received the same treatment in a hospital of NJ, but in their attempt they end up trying to survive another zombie attack.


Echoes Down a Dark Well

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before?

Imagine then if you could remember every moment of every life you have lived for the past two thousand years!

That is the continuing fate and curse of a soldier of fortune named Cody. Not only is he cursed to recall each life, but he knows that each succeeding one will end the same – in violence, tragedy and death.

He has only one slim ray of hope that keeps him clinging to sanity – The Girl.

She, like him, is on a never ending cycle of rebirth. The only difference is that she has the power to heal his tortured soul and give him peace. But first he must find her. And that’s not easy because just like him in each incarnation she is born into a different family of a different race or culture, and the only way that Cody can recognize her is


The Children of Resurrection Garden

From "The Stephen King of Manitoba" comes another macabre tale that will keep you reading past your bedtime...and you will keep the lights on, even if you finish. At the Midnight Hour beware of what lurks in the shadows.

Clear Vista, California is a picturesque town overlooking a tranquil bay on the Pacific. Quiet. Friendly. It’s a great place for children to grow up.

That is, if they grow up.

But an unusual number of children in Clear Vista don’t live long enough to grow up. A car accident. A hit-and-run. A tumble down the basement stairs. A suicide. So many tragedies fill the plots in the local cemetery, Resurrection Gardens. The worst is the disappearance of the eight-year-old Loewen twins, Heidi and Holly. When their bodies are found in the cemetery’s tool shed, the horrified townsp


Dead Friends Walking

Dee Forester and Melissa Frink have been searching for their friend, Spencer Reign, since he apparently ran away from home six months ago. They’ve checked every place they’ve ever hung out, but he just disappeared overnight.

Just as they fear they might as well give up, they receive a phone call from him out of nowhere. He’s panicked. He’s desperate. And he’s begging them to come get him.

The problem is the connection is not very clear and they only get part of his address before they are disconnected. Taking what they know, they enter the street into the GPS and take off on a rescue mission. Soon they find it’s a lot more dangerous than they thought. Stumbling into a town full of what they can only refer to as “zombies” they must ask themselves if risking their lives is worth trying to


Voodoo Child

Explore the mysteries of New Orleans’ French Quarter during Mardi Gras, through the eyes of three seventh graders as they search to reconnect with their parents and avoid a nasty set of bad guys. Left alone and homeless in Haiti, Jean Benoit is sent state-side by an orphanage to live with foster parents and attend Catholic school as a social outcast. His new-found friend Oscar, known as Walmart, is mocked by fellow students as an overweight under-achiever whose mother abandoned him in Wal-Mart. The boys are befriended by Bella, an American Indian, who lives with her adoptive parents. Her birth parents are dead, but they left her a legacy she soon discovers as she begins to shape-shift. Jean receives a gift from his dead father, too. It’s a magic amulet pursued by a voodoo witch named Odett


Vampire Orphanage

From the author of The Forest of Bleeding Trees and other macabre fare, Patricia Mattern, comes yet another chilling tale that will have you up until way past your bedtime!

Marley and Tom are the perfect couple. To see them, you may not even notice that while Tom is human, Marley is a dhamphir, a half vampire. They're just a friendly couple who want a home in the country, filled with laughing, happy children.

Unfortunately they are unable to have any children of their own, so they decide to adopt. After all, there are so many children who need good homes.

​They begin to adopt homeless, needy vampire orphans. What children could possibly be more in need of a loving home? In a short time they are delighted to wind up with a baker's dozen. But these rescues come with their own baggage.



Rule the Night has been destroyed. They find a place to hide at Gina’s sanctuary, La Sang Rouge, in Indianapolis. An ancient Vampire club is found and must be investigated, its members and leaders eliminated before they themselves are destroyed. Luke discovers a human, Cara, who escaped from a Vampire in bloodthirst. She is taking her revenge, seeking and killing the same evil Vampires that Luke and his friends seek. The two are drawn to each other and find it impossible to resist their growing attraction, despite their differences and Cara’s hatred for all Vampires.

They get help from an unexpected source, a secretive group of shifters even Vampires thought were a myth. Without help from these creatures, they may be destroyed.



Detective Ted Peterson’s investigation of a suspicious death case leads him to suspect Lexi Collins and her boyfriend Adam. What he discovers is that they’re extraterrestrials. Now he's without backup and caught up in the conflict between two alien races secretly inhabiting the earth. One race, the Dabih, is abducting women and running experiments. The other, the Mira, seem friendly toward humans – especially their attractive leader Sindri - but can Ted trust aliens to help him find the Dabih and rescue the kidnapped women before it’s too late?



Logan Hall is a Vagrant, one of the disenfranchised living beneath the mega city of New Washington. The Vagrants have to hide from the Company who is rounding all of them up and shipping them to newly discovered planets to work in the mines. That’s what happened to Logan’s father.

Shayna is one of the privileged. She has a chip, a credit disc, and lives in a shiny stainless steel and glass high-rise above ground. Shayna is allergic to corn so she is one of the few above ground people who is not stoned on Sopore. Sopore is a drug found in genetically altered corn. It’s in almost all food. The Vagrants know about Sopore and avoid it.

These two teens from wildly differing environments meet by accident and fall in love. Logan will stop at nothing to rescue his friend Raj, captured and


Blood of the Dragon

After learning of the disappearance of an ancient Chinese artifact, “Blood of the Red Dragon”, Cathleen O’Brien accepts her next investigative assignment from the mysterious Dr. Chung Wu.

She must secure the statue that holds the Perverted Blood Magic of the Artist, Feng Xi. If he controls the statue, his power over all natural life in the first realm, would be godlike and unstoppable.

To complicate her search, Cathleen discovers her family is pledged to render one service upon request, to the beautiful Vampire, Lady Bao. She covets the statue of the Red Dragon to enhance her own powers and to bring about the ultimate destruction of her Master, Feng Xi.

If Cathleen can’t discover the hiding place of the deadly statue, this realm will belong to a Vampire or a demented Wizard! Either


Spellcast Waters

A fast-paced young adult novel that will appeal to even reluctant readers, male as well as a broad female audience.

It's a post-apocalyptic world where water covers much of the planet, magic rules, zombies walk and werewolves roam the wilderness.

When Mikey LoPinto is bitten by a werewolf and infected with the werewolf virus, Riko Light and Mikey set out to find a cure. They meet a strange boy named Oz who leads them on a journey threatened by cannibals, witches, demons and zombies.

Oz and Riko find themselves falling in love while the clock runs out on finding a cure for Mikey, and Oz fights off the deadly spell cast by his mother’s Satanic Bible.


Cowboys, Castles and Cradles

When GRACIE CASTLE agreed to be a surrogate mother to twins, she never expected to become their full-time mom. Thankfully, that’s when she discovers she inherited a large Texas ranch from a grandmother she’s never met. Clueless but desperate, she’s managing to hold her own until the babies decide to make an unexpected appearance.

Enter WHITMAN LOVETT, III a wealthy businessman who needs to lease three thousand acres of the Castle Ranch. He expects an easy deal, with the Castle Ranch in financial straits. He isn’t expecting to deliver a baby heifer in a rainstorm or Gracie’s twins at the ranch. But Gracie and the babies manage to get under Whit’s skin and into his heart. The very thing he doesn’t want.


Destiny's Promise

Disa is in love with Arys, but he’s in love with Carina. Out of heartache and rage she murders them on their wedding night and vows they will never find happiness together. Now the two souls are about to reunite. Disa makes a pact with the red demon to destroy Carina’s soul so she can never be with Arys again. On his deathbed, the sorcerer who raised Carina tells her she’s in grave danger and only the Black Knight can protect her. But she has no idea who the Black Knight is or where to find him, and she’s being evicted.
Randolf, known as The Black Knight, is a powerful warrior and possesses strong magic, but he is plagued by dreams of a woman pleading with him to find her. After yet another dream, restless and frustrated, he goes to a local inn where he encounters Carina. She’s familiar