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The brothers continue their struggle against evil, sometimes with heartbreaking consequences. They travel across the ancient world and even visit Golgotha and other familiar places from times past. They encounter minotaur, centaurs and succubus, among other diabolical creatures. Our brothers continue to stem the tide of bloodsuckers moving across the land and figure out how to deal with the new opponents that are being created as the evolution continues.


Let There Be Dragons

​In a post-apocalyptic world, dragons, elves, vampires and demons war for control of Earth. A girl with powerful Gifts is the only hope the world has to destroy Slygon, a demon from the Pit come to rule all.

​With the aid of a half-orc, his friends and a fairy, Annabelle tames dragons and rides to fight Slygon on his home territory. On a mission to rescue her sister from Slygon’s power, Annabelle will stop at nothing. When everyone around her is saying it’s time to quit, Annabelle is just getting started.


Secret Santa: Tell-Tale Publishing's 2nd Annual Horror Anthology

Tales of Terror, an anthology of short horror stories


The Vampire and the Robot

The Robot and the Vampire tells a futuristic story of man and machine become...more than most could imagine. Take Vladg, a DNA humanoid robot called a Duplicant. He is a sexual companion to a vampire named Lydia, who like so many vampires of lore is searching for her true love. Her diabolical husband, in what you might call a beyond-open loveless marriage, Bram Alucard, is a very powerful vampire who in his randy philandering comes across a beautiful receptionist named Phoebe at where else, but the factory where robots are manufactured. He casts a spell over her, but Phoebe induces her twin sister, Phoenix, to take her place on a date with Bram. She should have known a vampire would know the difference


Dark Desire

The secrets of the Louisiana Bayou bubble up like swamp gas, as the Vampire’s unbridled passion for the beautiful Maggie Newsome consumes his darkened soul. The love she pledged to Collin Fitzhugh is crumbling to dust with each bite and night of lust she experiences with Grayson Gerrard. With one more bite before she becomes his forever, only her fiancé and a shriveled-up Voodoo Witch stand between Maggie and a dark eternity.



Simonetta Vespucci escapes from the power of Hiram Bean, her dark energy creator. Due to a feminine mutation in her spiritual programming, she challenges him.

Disguised n the persona of Bernadette Garcetti, Simonetta’s rogue dark spirit, interacts with her targets and transfers them from their reality into hers. At the point of being murdered, they reappear in their original reality.

Her personal mission of sabotage and destruction catches the attention of the FBI and brings Leon Saffulo, a profiler, to the case. When technology cannot explain the phenomenon, he reluctantly works with a retired magician, Maximilian Schultz, who takes him into the simulated individual module (SIM) world, the creation of virtual life from dark energy.


Mr. Murray's Gun

It’s been a year since Mary and Granny returned from their adventures in Scotland. Witch Penelope is still frozen, or so everyone believes, but strange things are starting to happen again. And there’s another ghost in the house, a male ghost with a gun. Is anyone safe? With Mary’s Halloween/birthday party coming up, the danger intensifies, and not just for Mary and her family.


The Jungle and Other Stories: Tell-Tale Publishing's 5th Annual Horror Anthology

Now in its fifth incarnation, Tell-Tale's horror anthologies have become an annual benchmark of emerging talent and well-told stories. The select seven featured here will yank you backward and forward again in time, visiting the exotic and the seemingly mundane, at a pace and a pulse calibrated for Halloween chills. Beware of a cat named Sabrina and a Celtic goddess with a passport to Salem – yes, that Salem. An old farmhouse could hold more vivid memories than just its mortal foundations, and think twice about rescuing the sister of a young boy if you find yourself in a desert. Twins may not be what they seem, so hang onto your hat (and your head). For that matter, hang on to your whole body unless you want to risk permanent eviction. Also, you may never use steak knives again.


Descendent of Salem

Dylan would do anything to be reunited with his dead wife. He continues to profess his love for her every night when they make out in the cemetery. Anne just wants to be left alone, to practice her witchcraft, steal orgasms from trespassing teenagers, and live the life of a modern, independently wealthy hermit. Like a fly buzzing around the potato salad at a summer picnic, they’re a perfect match.

When a treasure hunting YouTuber discovers a cave with ancient symbols on the bottom of Lake Huron, their lives collide. It turns out, Anne and Dylan are part of a forgotten race that hold the key to humanity’s future, but their common destiny has an expiration date. They’ll have to uncover ancient secrets, reconcile their feelings for one another, and figure out their powers.


The Gotten

No one knew about the doorbell until the news story of the boys’ mysterious disappearance.

If certain people couldn’t own the doorbell or if it rejected them, they wanted to destroy it and the boys behind it, calling it a hoax.

Ivor and Inge Borg have been tracking Astrid Sims, who has escaped from the ancient Norse myth as Skuld, the weaver of the future, fate and destiny of humankind. She’s the norn of the future. Urd of the past and Verdandi of the present. Ivor and Borg need her return so they can continue to spin the threads of life and decide the fate of all human beings. Skuld was reborn and escaped into a new childhood existence. She emerged as a teenager in the 1950s and later as a wife and mother in an American heartland town.


Celtic Fire


I Bring the Storms: Tell-Tale Publishing's 6th Annual Horror Anthology

Looking for Mr. Right? If he's too good to be true, he is. Know a college student who's looking forward to holiday break? Better hope they're not alone in the dorms. Not college aged? Then be careful you don't spend too much time home alone. Your memories may be all you have left. It still may be better than being stuck in the wilderness with a hungry pack stalking you. And if you think the devil made you do it, he probably did. You may have killed your best friend. But even the dead have tales to tell. Be sure you stock plenty of candles to illuminate their way. You'll need them. You won't want to sleep with the lights off, if you can even get to sleep.


Doorway to Hell

When hordes of hungry vampires and demons flood San Francisco through a doorway from their wasted world, a hero must step up and fight.

Konrad Pengill, a Berserker, and Lei Hua Jiang, a Kung Fu master, hear the voice of a dragon inside an egg smuggled into San Francisco to save the city. The thrill ride is on as Konrad, Lei, and the dragon battle the demons and their desire for each other. The doorway must be closed or the nightmare will never end. Will Konrad be able to overcome the demons or will San Francisco sink in a bloodbath?

Terrifying, yet filled with crazy comedic moments, Doorway to Hell will take you into the sewers of San Francisco, to Alcatraz and finally, into another dimension.



What happens when monsters collide? Sometimes a new abomination is born. Our seven brothers continue to use their gifts to fight the spread of evil. They are scattered, battling on several fronts, trying to stem the tide of bloodsuckers moving across the land and figure out how to deal with new opponents that are being created as the evolution continues. Xiang shi, Raksasha, Vampire . . .


Mrs. Murray's Home

Home is where the heart is, or so they say. It’s also been said that a home is a person’s castle. But home is also with family and friends. Mrs. Murray longs for home, the family home, a castle an ocean away. The Brownies also crave home, the same castle Mrs. Murray considers home. And Granny? Mary’s Granny hasn’t been home since she was Mary’s age. It’s time to visit the homeland, Scotland. Mary’s excited to tag along with Granny, Mrs. Murray and the Brownies. And then there’s the witch. The one they thought they’d killed. And the treasure. The one they had found. And it all ties together, for better or for worse. Join the adventure in book 3 of the popular “Piccadilly Street Series”.


The Raven Queen and Other Tales

Welcome to Tell-Tale’s 4th Annual Horror Anthology. We think the ancient and more modern legends explored in this edition will make you sleep with the lights on for days.


Mrs. Murray's Hidden Treasure

There is a hidden treasure in the grand old mansion on Piccadilly Street, in a place called London, but not the real London of English fame. There’s also a lot of mystery and a murder that’s been unsolved for decades. But it’s the treasure that captures Mary’s interest. Mary lives in this house along with her family, her Brownie friends and a ghost. When the ghost reveals her secret about the hidden treasure, there’s no stopping Mary, her Brownie friends, or her enemies from searching for this treasure. Why the intrigue? Apparently there’s a little bit of magic connected to this treasure. And so the adventure begins. Who will find the treasure first?


Pets for Legion

When local school parapro Sasha James rescues a child from a mysterious assailant, she unknowingly marks herself as the next target. To survive this supernatural foe, she will need to search deeper than the physical, pray for power beyond the natural, and fight like there’s no tomorrow.


The Revolutionist

Two different families escape from the political tyranny of their respective homelands, the Josephsons from Sweden and Matias and Kurt Bauman, brothers from Germany and Austria Hungary, with the aid of a Viennese opera diva, Sophie Augusta Rose, and Jean Guenoc, a former Jesuit priest, family friend and protector and partisan of the French underground.

Their journey brings them to America in the throes of the industrial revolution during the 1890s and early 1900s. Ingrid and Olaf Josephson settle on a small wheat farm in North Central Minnesota to raise their children, Newt and Julie.

Among the Jewish entrepreneurs forced to leave Germany and Austria-Hungary, Matias and Kurt Bauman re-establish their transportation company in Chicago, Illinois.


The Keeper's Secret: Tell-Tale Publishing's Annual Horror Anthology

Whether it’s history itself getting lost in the stone silence of a lighthouse or the time flow of medieval armor clashing from the grave into the now of your mind, this year’s honor roll of top stories from Tell-Tale Publishing will pull you up in your chair and set your pulse racing. But that’s what you want…isn’t it? There will be thoughtful dilemmas to keep you pondering, moral choices and choices for the oldest of reasons – love – and above all the test of love versus fate. Nowhere will fate be more exquisitely tangled than in the tale of a young woman trapped between the terror of sexual abuse and the unknowns in the magical world of a Jinn. And just as you think you’ve felt it all from rescues and would-be rescues each twisted with karma, steel yourself for one more.