Amazon Bestselling Author, S.W. Southwick, son of a fighter pilot, and son of gun, lives and writes in Las Vegas. He is currently working on the sequel to his debut novel, The Untethered, and expects to release it in 2020.

If you are looking for a novel similar in spirit to The Untethered, here is a recommendation by the author:

"Because of my positive philosophical view of life, I usually dislike most novels I read because they tend to endorse a malevolent sense of the universe. More often than not I'm relegated to reading biographies and history books where the heroic nature of a person can't be fully edited away. I do find many parts of heroic stories "hidden" in sci-fi and fantasy, but what I really long to read about is heroes set in contemporary literature. My view of heroism apparently is much different than the majority of writers and readers. Their heroes tend to sacrifice themselves for others as a principle, think in terms of the collective not specific people, and often forgo their own happiness for the idea that suffering is a virtue. I believe there is a reason many villains (or anti-heroes) in today's literature are hailed as heroes behind closed doors; it is because many of them, despite their flaws, are actually independent individuals, which I would argue is the highest virtue a human can possess. Have you ever read a story which includes a selfish hero who accomplishes all of his/her dreams, is considered a criminal by society, yet has harmed no one? Those are the stories I want to read.

And here is my favorite: The Fountainhead (1943).

It speaks to me on so many levels. To see a character such as Howard Roark seeking his own happiness for his own sake, to see him using rational judgement instead of mystical teachings, to see him neither helping nor hurting anyone else, to see him actively unattached to any group, to see him attacked from every side simply because he stands on his own two feet and uses his own mind, to see him in a contemporary setting that most people can relate to instead of in a fantasy world or in a galaxy far far away---All these elements makes The Fountainhead something very special. And I would venture to say that the secondary characters, especially Gail Wynand and Dominique Francon, are just as fascinating as Howard Roark." SW Southwick

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The Untethered



The Roble Arrow thundered toward the base of The Spirit of Man.

“Smash Hammer,” Iron Ace One said, his voice rising, “bogey is on a collision course with a skyscraper. Request permission to kill with high probability of civilian casualties. I have missile lock.”

“Please confirm threat, Iron Ace One.”

“Affirm! Affirm!”

“Permission granted,” Smash Hammer said, then whispered, “Oh my God.”

Iron Ace One caressed the missile release, contracting his finger.

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