Beth Bolden

Jacki's Snow Magick is such a fun, sweet morsel of a story about two magick hunters who discover what they're really searching for is each other. Adorable and a fun entry into an existing series.

DJ Jamison

This is classic Jacki James--a sweet, low-angst bite of paranormal romance sure to put a smile on your face!

Kaje Harper

A fun, fast read, with an imaginative take on new magick, and two main characters whose banter and hinted backstories make them appealing.

Morgan Brice

Jacki James writes great characters and fun, immersive settings. She’s an auto-buy for me!

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Snow Magick

It’s snowing in Key West. That can only mean one thing. Magick.

The world is full of magick, most people just don’t realize it. Some of that magick is fun and harmless, but some of it can be deadly. Callum Coughlan knows that all too well. He has spent his life as a talisman hunter. Someone who travels the world collecting objects that have been charmed... or cursed.

Neal Flanagan is also a talisman hunter by trade, but he is more interested in the broody difficult Callum than whatever is causing snow in Florida right now. He has wanted to partner with Callum—in more ways than one—from the first time their paths crossed on a mission to retrieve a talisman. And this time he has a plan... Find out what is causing the snow and come clean about his feelings for Callum.




Test Run

When Jayden's friend and roommate Brian finds himself in need of a pretend boyfriend to save face, he sees the perfect opportunity to move out of the friend zone. All he has to do is convince Brian that their test run has the potential to be the real thing.


Autumn Magick

This Stand Alone is part of the Donovan Coven Series.

"Halloween takes on a whole nother meaning when you are a witch"

Aaron was looking forward to celebrating his first Samhain since finding out he was a witch and he was also looking forward to showing his mate Malakai the fun of an American style Halloween.

He was prepared for all kinds of tricks and treats but he was not prepared for a ghost of a local woman to appear to him and tell him she had been murdered by a monster in the towns annual haunted house.

He and Malakai will need their friends, the grimoire, and Aristotle the owl in order to hunt down the monster and kill it before it can hurt any other innocent people.


Bedroom Rules

Lincoln and Matt are finally in a relationship and they are making a life together. But as happy as they are, Lincoln has still been holding back a part of himself. This Valentines Day he has decided it is time to let go and give them both what they want. This is a 5000-word short story that takes place after the events in Cowboy Rules, but it can be enjoyed on its own.


Love Rules

Carter worked hard for everything he had. He built his business from the ground up using common sense and logic. He believed in things that were tangible, not fanciful notions like love at first sight. At least that was the case until he walked into a new coffee shop one morning and came face to face with the man he knew was his future.

As an artist, Sean was creative to the bones, but even he knew fairy tales weren’t real, and rich businessmen didn’t fall in love with would be artist/baristas. But when Carter insists that Sean give them a chance, he gives in to the handsome man.

As they get to know each other, it becomes obvious they were meant to be. But can two intelligent men who don’t believe in fairy tales forget about the rules and find their happy ever after?


A Very Terry Extra