Historical Romance

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The Mesmerist: Hope Chest Victorian Time Travel Romance Series, Book 1

When Gina Charles flees her unfaithful fiancé, she ends up at a hotel room with another occupant—a ghost with compelling dark eyes who cuddles up to her in the middle of the night.

Ghostly mesmerist Drake Manton doesn’t remember how he died, and insists Gina help him learn the manner of his death so he can move on or he’ll haunt her forever.

Gina’s investigation leads her to the burned-out Chesterfield hotel, where she finds a magical hope chest in the ruins. When she touches it, she and her faithful terrier hurtle back in time to 1883 where she comes face-to-face with the very alive, very sexy mesmerist.

Now all Gina has to do is prevent Drake’s fiery death so she can return to her own time. Or can she give up her life in the future for a lifetime of love in Drake’s arms?


Belle of the Ball: The Three Graces Trilogy, Book 1

When the nouveau-riche Sullivan sisters overhear their escorts mocking them, each girl makes a wish at the magical Three Graces rock formation near Colorado Springs. Belle wishes aloud for beauty, but her true wish is for revenge.

Handsome viscount Kit Stanhope regrets his rude remarks and agrees to assist her transformation from an ugly duckling into a swan with the help of a mysterious Greek dressmaker with muse-like qualities. But Belle makes an awkward swan. After a few embarrassing escapades, she masters the flirtatious language of the fan and takes the town by storm. She soon finds herself falling for the viscount, but she can’t renege on her promise to humiliate him . . . can she?

Will her secret muse grant the wish she voiced . . . or the one she holds in her heart?



Golden Prophecies

In this futuristic romance, Thena is the leading prophetess on Delphi, who must find the key to controlling her gift before it drives her mad. Lancer Morgan is a charismatic man from decadent Earth who’s come to her backward world in hopes of using her unique prophetic abilities to avert interstellar war.

Lancer’s zest for life captivates Thena, though his irresponsible outlook and evident skepticism of her gift trouble her. But Thena knows Lancer is the man she’s been waiting for—the only one who can help her obtain the knowledge she desperately needs to save her sanity, the man who is destined to become her life-mate.

Together, with the aid of Thena’s prophecies and her mischievous moncat, Lancer and Thena undertake a soul-searching journey to find their hearts’ desire.