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A Day to Remember

Jason has just 24 hours before he'll be forced into a coma to save his life. One day left to enjoy the world and say goodbye to people. He's going to use this day wisely. But nothing's easy.


DAVE! (A Novel from the Future) Part I: The Invaders

DAVE! is a science fiction comedy that features fast-paced action, pie-throwing clowns, nudists, and lots and lots of aliens. Equal parts Hitchhiker’s Guide and Coen Brothers, this series will have you laughing your way through the apocalypse!


Harm's Way

The junkie. The goth girl. The redneck. The nerd. The gangsta. The gay kid. The jock. The twins who can’t even tell themselves apart. A loveable cast of walking clichés, out for a week in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. What could possibly happen? Murder, that's what! Who left that dead girl skewered on the porch, anyway? All are suspect, as the slayings become more and more ridiculous. Hell of a way to spend a vacation. Will they find out who the killer is in time to stop this madness, or will this mean the end for all?


DAVE! (A Novel from the Future) Parts 1-3

The first three parts of everyone's favorite political science fiction thriller comedy together in one volume!


A is for Adam

And on the sixth day, God created Man

Adam is the first human being all alone in the Garden of Eden. He has everything he needs, but he sure is lonely.One morning he awakens to find his body flayed open. God has stolen a rib to make him a companion. Why he couldn't have just made Eve out of dirt like Adam was, is beyond him. Adam and Eve are living in relative peace in Paradise until trouble comes to the Garden in the form of a snake. He convinces Eve to eat the Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and she convinces Adam to do the same. This makes God very angry, and He banishes them to the desert to fend for themselves.

Why are they suddenly knowing things they shouldn't? Why are twigs sprouting out from their body? How did their goat learn the words to all those Phil Collins songs?


The Alphabet Books: ABC

Raw. Irreverent. On the brink of lunacy. Three tales so twisted, they’ll make you question your own sanity. Goldilocks and the Mob. Hansel and Gretel and the Cannibal Cookies. A madcap romp through the Garden of Eden. A tasteless blend of the familiar and unusual, the lucid and surreal. Outlandish. Hysterical. And many more adjectives. Comedy, horror, and fairy tales all in one extravagant word-buffet. You’ll be asking for seconds.