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I wanted to learn about pain? He taught me the answers.

Forget the rules.

WARNING: contains scenes which may shock you.



How To Get Your PhD In Educational Studies With A Smile (Book One: Getting Started)

Any PhD candidate in Educational Studies can write a brilliant thesis without losing sleep (or their hair!) by following the strategies presented in this book because it shows you exactly how to cut through all the 'noise' and quickly identify not only what really counts but how to present your data. With two PhDs to my name as proof that my strategies work, I have created a series of books in order to put my knowledge at your disposal. In Book One you will learn:

1) to generate research questions

2) how to focus on the question(s) that matter

3) how to break down the Big Question into potential sub-questions that will structure your analysis

4) identify and defend the cut-off point of your data collection

5) identify and defend the cut-off point of your data analysis


The Red Room

‘Tremendously honest and ‘dirty’... outspoken... deeply natural, classy, intelligent.’ (Goodreads)

A collection of poetry and prose as a tribute to eloquent, critical, sassy women of today who have absolutely no intention of living up to society's notion of the 'good' female. Look forward to a delicious surprise!


Something Just Like This? (Inside The Nature of Desire)

Pro-libido ethical slut and brainy little nympho, Joan Barbara Simon, takes a closer look at the nature of desire. What we think. What we need. What we think we need.

Bonus: Simon's mind-blowing recital of a short story by best-selling erotica author, Simone Leigh.

'The best orgasm I've ever heard in any media form!' (reader feedback)

Puts Meg Ryan's 'How Harry Met Sally' orgasm in the shade.

WARNING: Only for the brave.



Check Mate

What do women want? Women want more. They want your best. In the bedroom and anywhere else you care or dare to play.


Long Time Walk On Water (Vol.1)

Flirting could be fun, but would she dare to fall in love?

London, 1960. Rose is looking for a new start, thousands of miles away from her Caribbean home.

Jack’s life is full of disillusionment. Living on the 7th floor of a council flat with a wife who cleans spud juice from her fingernails with a knife, what had he done to deserve this, eh? What?

They happen to meet at the bus stop, Jack and Rose. The rest is history.

A sweet historical romance, reggae-style! 'Highly, highly recommended' (Amazon)

'Best book EVER! Will be purchasing book 2 payday. Complex Addictive . Taught a totally different cultural perspective.' (Amazon)


Verses Nature (The Memoir Of A Lonely Hotwife) Vol.1: In The Beginning Was The Heat

Forget the rules. Get ready for a new shade of sore...

He had his rules, but when he met her, the game changed for good…

Tatar has over 3,000 notches in his bedpost. He’s a loud-mouthed, power-hungry, strong-willed alpha with a sadist streak women can’t resist. But when his next conquest burrows her way into his heart, he’s playing a whole new game…

Carmina has had her share of vanilla sex. Then she meets Tatar. He fascinates and disgusts her. Does she really want to submit to him?

Sparks fly between the two, locked in a world of erotic-psychological adventure, domination and taboo. Only time will tell if their relationship can survive both bruises on soul… and body.

WARNING: the weak-nerved stand back! This will leave you shell shocked and addicted.