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My Eyes Saw Him

This book is an adult read. 18+ only.


It was one night. Friends with benefits.

She hid her virginity from me.

Used me for my manhood.

I pushed her away, thinking I could get her out of my head.

I was wrong. Now I want her back.

One trip alone with Sandy, will make us or break us.

Nothing was going right.

My apartment was having issues.

My old beat up car was acting up.

When one of my best friends, Sue, found out about my problems. She and her husband, Trey, offered me a place to stay and a car.

The problem was? The car was at their home in New York.

I had never traveled out of Louisiana. Never had a reason. But I needed to now.

Not to go alone, who other offers to bring me, Shane.

It becomes a trip that will change our lives and what we really mean to one another.