Historical Romance
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The Confectioner's Guild Sneak Peek

A magic cupcake. A culinary killer. The perfect recipe for murder.

Wren knew her sweet treats could work wonders, but she never knew they could work magic. She barely has time to wrap her head around the stunning revelation when the head of the prestigious Confectioner’s Guild falls down dead before her. Poisoned by her cupcake.

Now facing murder charges in a magical world she doesn’t understand, Wren must discover the true killer or face the headsman’s axe. With the help of a handsome inspector and several new friends, Wren just might manage to learn the ropes, master her new powers, and find out who framed her. But when their search for clues leads to a deep-rooted conspiracy, she realizes that the guild master isn’t the only one at risk of death by chocolate.


Orion's Kiss

Merope is forced to watch as her sisters die lifetime after lifetime. In his anger at their ancient rebuke, Zeus cursed the seven Pleiades sisters—six to die, and Merope, the youngest, to give witness. Through many centuries and lives, Merope has tried everything to avert disaster, but she has always failed.

For his crimes against the gods, Orion is cursed to commit the unspeakable acts Merope tries so hard to prevent. Orion has little hope against the power of the gods—he is resigned that this cruel sentence will be his eternity.

Until an unexpected twist of fate shows them both that this lifetime could be different. And that together, they may harness a force powerful enough to break the chains of destiny that bind them once and for all.


Moonburner Sneak Peek

Kai is a Moonburner—a female sorceress reviled by her people and normally killed at birth. Except Kai's parents saved her by disguising her as a boy—a ruse they've kept up for almost seventeen years. But when her village is attacked, Kai’s secret is revealed and she’s sentenced to death.

Thankfully, the gods aren’t done with Kai. Despite the odds stacked against her, she escapes her fate, undertaking a harrowing journey to a land where Moonburners are revered and trained as warriors.

But her new home has dangers of its own—the ancient war against the male Sunburners has led the Moonburners down a dark path that could destroy all magic. And Kai, armed only with a secret from her past and a handsome but dangerous ally, may be the only one who can prevent the destruction of her people...