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The Bear within me

Black bear shifter, Prescott Chinary wants the perfect mate to bear his cubs. Only problem is, the day before he got his approval for a mate with the Bear Breeding Program a screaming blue bundle was left on his doorstep. After being on the waiting list with the elite breeding program for the past couple of years, this was the last thing his family needed.

Laura Hanna signed up for the BBP with one thought on her mind—money. She had a nasty past that she needed to try and move away from. Prescott was everything Laura imagined and more. Brooding, strong and dominate all the things she needed in a partner. She was sure that the two years of the contract would fly by in the blink of an eye. The only thing standing in her way was a small brat child and an over protective secretary.



The Watchers

What would you do if your whole life changed completely in one day?

Sisters Lucy and Lacy find themselves in a world they never knew existed. They aren't typical nineteen-year-old girls but they are unaware of the magic buried inside.

Can the sisters overcome their fear and be able to move forward?

Lacy and Lucy have a hard road to travel after tragedy strikes. The girls are placed in the care of the Council, under the protection of the Watchers.

Will love be enough to help them overcome their sadness? Will Rafe be able to win the heart of the very quiet twin Lucy?

*Warning story contains light spanking, erotic sexual scenes, and violence.
**Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.