Women's Fiction

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The Billionairess

When a handsome lawyer shows up on Samantha Preston’s door, the last thing she expects is good news. Then she learns of a surprise inheritance from the father she never knew. She isn’t sure how to feel or react. All Samantha knows is that she’s drawn to sexy attorney, James Arthur MacKenzie, Esq. Can Mac help navigate her new life as a billionaires? And could he turn into much more than just a legal counselor?


All I Want For Christmas Is A Cowboy

“Sorry babe, I didn’t want to hurt you. Oh, and by the way, Gloria really likes what you’ve done to the house, so could you be out by Thanksgiving?”

Noelle Barton isn’t feeling very merry this Christmas. Her husband has left her for his bimbo secretary right before Thanksgiving, and instead of presents, she’s signing divorce papers and wondering where her life went so very wrong. Filled with shame and fueled by heartbreak, she impulsively picks up and decides to move…to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s the land of handsome cowboys…and oh my…does she meet a good one. Jason Coburn is every one of her Western fantasies come to life. And he just might be the best Christmas present she could ever find under her tree.


Sophie and Me and Major MacGee

Physical therapist Harley Fraser has room for only one love in her life...her Yorkshire Terrier, Sophie. Her beloved dog has seen Harley through two broken relationships and more. Then she is assigned a new patient who will change her life forever. Major Marcus MacGee was injured while saving the Vice President of the United States. Now, he's broken in body and spirit, and it's Harley's job to help him recover. Major MacGee has a major attitude, even if he is handsome as sin and makes her heart race. As Harley begins the process of rehabilitation, and Sophie the Yorkie begins to work her magic, it may be that Harley and Major MacGee will be the ones to heal and find happily ever after.



Heading to her mother's wedding should have been one quick, easy drive. I-10 going west was a long, straight piece of road. No problem...

Until her '65 Mustang quit on her, and a Harley ridden by a black-clad biker pulled off the highway behind the car and offered to help. Remy Cormier was danger and temptation rolled into one, and he didn't only crank her sweet little 289, he ignited a fire that resulted in serious consequences.

This time, her car was in excellent condition. She was the one who needed some roadside assistance. What would the bad biker do when he realized the other problem their chance encounter created? Would he offer his help once more, or was this a problem she'd have to take care of on her own?



Samantha Jo Cartwright and Peter Warrick were once an item. And then... they weren't. Finding Pete lip-locked with the town hottie pretty much put an end to things. When her mom insists she come home for Christmas, all Sam can think about is the possibility of running into Pete and opening wounds that are still festering.

But, hey, it's Christmas, right? And she wants to see her family. Her mother insists things have changed...Peter and Tiffany aren't together. In a moment of weakness, she agrees to make the trip. Repeating past mistakes is something that doesn't interest Sam, but the fates have other ideas.