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Holding On

For five years Becca has been struggling to hide her feelings for her best friend, Brad. Now she finally has a chance to move on. She's in a new city, she's attending a new school, and she's met the first guy besides Brad who's held her attention in a long time.
Brad has loved Becca for as long as he can remember. Now that Becca's family has moved two thousand miles away, Brad may finally be ready to lay his heart on the line and do whatever it takes to hold on to Becca.
But is Brad too late? Torn between her love for Brad and the promise of something new and exciting with Ethan, Becca has an almost impossible choice to make, the choice between letting go or holding on.
Book 1 of 4.



Love Advice

*** The Love Advice episodes are spin-offs from the book Dating Dilemma. ***

Eight novellas.
Eight couples.
Eight different relationship issues.

Maggie, the local love advice column guru, is the go-to person when you're having issues in your relationship. Not sure how to handle the situation? Ask Maggie. Second-guessing your decision? Ask Maggie. Ready to make a potentially life-altering decision regarding your relationship? Ask Maggie.

What readers of Maggie's column don't know, is she's not the one handing out advice right now. Her own marriage has fallen apart and her stand-in columnist is not only fresh out of college, but never been in love.

Find out how the advice being given plays out in the real world.