People in this world live boring and ho-hum lives. I want to give people a reprieve from mundanity, an opportunity to ease the tedium of life.
I am Drake Silver. I publish urban fiction – in the strictest sense of the phrase – and erotica. Also, I enjoy taboo film and horror movies, painting, and art.

I grew up in Atlanta and Bronx, New York and other major metro areas. My writing is influenced by my experiences living in these places and others.
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Jillian Riley

Drake is a great Author, he wanna makes me read more and more..

K.D. Black

Looks like a great read

Taylor Love

Grabs you from the start and keeps your interest. I really like the cover as well!

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The Goddess

Lakewood is a city on the rise. Freshly cut lawns. Restored homes. Booming businesses. All appears well but as the city booms, jealousy against the family responsible for the good times rises.

Jerome is heir to a multi-million-dollar real estate company. But when someone kidnaps his mother, enemies make their move to take over. No one is trustworthy. In this dark time, Jerome finds he must rely on Goddess, a new ally.

But is she really on his side? Or is she is against him?

Can Jerome figure out who snatched his mom?

Or will his enemies get to him before he solves the mystery?

There’s intimacy.
There’s jealousy.
There’s sorrow.
Blood will stain the city’s concrete before it is all over.




Boring. If one word describes most people’s lives, well hell, boring fits. Lakewood residents feel the same. The city has drawn all manner of people searching for a better life.


Through this collection of stories, these people meet temptation. A fork in the road appears in their relationships. A decision must be made.

Will they resist their urges?

Or will they give in to their human aphrodisiac?