K.M. Jenkins

Talented writer and keeps you wanting more. Compelling story it is a page-turner.

Midwest Journal Press

Fantasies with mystery twists. Can't get better than that. Unless it's another of her books...

Elizabeth Craven

A delightful storyteller!

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If the Shoe Fits

What if the story you've always heard was wrong? What if it held a very big secret? What if Cinderella didn't get the crown because there is another to fill her shoe?

It's after midnight, but the band plays on. A unicorn drawn carriage awaits to carry another Ella to the ball. Destiny if what you make or it... or is it?

Which foot will the shoe fit best?




"The prophecy must be fulfilled" says the Great Druid Ravengale, but has he called on the right person? Cerian isn't so sure. Any other town, any other place, fate could be changed.

"The prophecy must be fulfilled," he says... To fulfill the prophecy, an unsung hero must rise between the legends of Edgar and River. This is that tale.