Emma Monaghan writes quirky, steamy new adult romances with naive heroes and sassy women who unlock their hearts. Most of her stories are inspired by the real-life experiences of friends and even her own personal ones.

Her weaknesses include pizza, rocky road ice cream, indie films, and tattooed men (like Adam Levine and David Beckham). She is a diehard fan of Mel Robbins and has applied the 5-second rule pretty much in everything.


Women's Fiction

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That Summer Kiss

I don’t fear commitments, I just haven’t met the right person to commit to …

Until I walk in and see one of the best of God’s creations, a man.

Whoa, baby.

He's powerfully built, towering, and chiselled like Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculpture David—but with longer equipment.

He’s drizzled with sweat—and I’m imbued with blazing desire.

I watch him growling while exerting forceful effort to lift those weights and my inner self is moaning in a fantasy that he’s bending me over.

I wasn’t excited to be a nanny, to be honest. The problem is, I wasn’t excited to do anything after failing my so-called grandiose business idea.

My sister got me into this. And damn, I don’t mind at all after getting a closer look at him.

He’s my next project.