Sandeep Chakraborty loves writing short stories, novels, and especially ghost stories & non - fiction books. He lives in Karimganj, Assam, India and works as a primary school teacher. He loves to read and write in his spare time.
He is debuting as an author with his first paranormal storybook - " GHOSTLY LURKING - Real Paranormal stories". A dream that began in high school long ago, to become an author, is now becoming a reality.


Other (Fiction)


Tantra Bensko

I love that many of these are true stories to learn from which are interspersed with suspenseful, exciting stories for our entertainment we recuperate from puzzling over the bewildering, always elusive and mind-boggling nature of reality.

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Ghost & Paranormal stories from around the world

Our world contains both Good and Bad spirits. And these souls either will haunt you for your entire life or be with you to your last breath as a ‘guardian angel’. Some people told you the ‘Ghosts’ are not real, they are just ‘Myth’ but at the days end it is on all about us who should believe these or not.

This book contains 10 chilling horror short stories around the globe.

Here Is a Preview of What’s Inside -

1.The hunter in the mountain.
2. Mother’s last visit.
3.The little girl Jenny.
4. The baby was crying.
5. My father came for me.
6. The woman.
7. A white soul.
8. The old lady.
9. Mother waited for her son.
10. The beard man.