I write non-explicit LGBT stories that mostly focus on real events that create profound writing with a unique perspective. Most of the featured stories on this website are very short, and all of them on here are entirely free. I write stories that would border between dark, non-fiction, and contemporary. The truth in life is that not all moments are happy. People find themselves dragged into stories that are only filled with happiness, but we do not live in a world where only happiness exists. We are not living inside a fairytale. Literature tends to be filled with happy endings, and while I have no issue with that— I believe it is equally important to recognize aspects that make us the individuals we are. Moments that define our lives tend to be ones of deep contemplation, and I think it is important to look at all sides of life. That is what makes us who we are. Lately, I have been drawn towards LGBT that is fictional horror. My horror stories are very popular, and I have been writing them frequently.

My writing contains issues and topics about accepting the personal identity of one’s sexuality or relationships and the bumps that are inevitable in every partnership. Rainfall showers across thousands of blades of grass, rooftops, tree leaves, streams, and scatters itself over endless lands. There are as many diverse stories with infinite plots as there are drops of rain. I try to bring the most obscure and unknown concepts into beautifully formatted writing.

I hope you will sign up and follow me through the email popup. It is also my hope that you will leave comments. Beyond everything mentioned, it is my desire that you gain something from my writing. If you do not, then I have failed you. I have failed as a writer.

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Max Sparrow


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Faith Nightingale

What a great horror story! Amazing plot. This is a must read!

Jalanne Barnes

Interesting cover.

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The Saddest Music is Me

You are about to read a true story. My life is unfolding as I write crafty manuscripts. While many writers say you must escape from your personal matters when writing, I disagree. My life has gone to hell and back. The things I have seen and gone through has made me a very different individual, and it is a difference that should be understood. This read is a fascinating piece that offers you a look into not just a writer's mind, but into a pit of blackness. If you like happy endings and happy stories, this isn't for you. This book is for people who want to understand the world, themselves, and others. If you are one of the latter, then this would be a mind-blowing read. There is darkness in the world, and there is light..


American Kid

Do you want to see the reality behind those who have a mental illness or a substance abuse problem? This book is raw. This book is real. It is a true story about a life that most people don't have insight into. I have sat on this book for over ten years because I felt it would invade my privacy. After a lot of thought, I have decided to release it. This book does not connect to details outside the realm of normality for shock value. My writing is done with the purpose of connecting ideas of human worth, allowing people to learn, and growth.



Is sanity in the eye of the beholder? The character in this story seems to believe that he has the right to take another's life. He hates how he looks and when his doctor informs him that there was nothing he could do medically, the main character goes mad!

This short story takes place in a rural area within Connecticut and it is a thriller that will keep you on your toes!


Paranoia and Chemical Lobotomies

What you are about to read is based on a true story and focuses on a person I know intimately. Some people struggle and battle mental illness their entire life. My short story takes you inside the mind of a person with a psychiatric disorder. It clearly shows how vital medicine can be in their life. While many struggles to maintain regular day to day lives, there are those that can be stable with the help of medication.

Nonfiction/Short story


Marked By Blood

Sometimes truths are sad. That does not mean they need to be ignored. This short story discusses the life of a very troubled individual who loses a lover to AIDs. Like most of my work— it is based on a true, personal story. I would love to believe that stories only have happy endings, but that is sadly not the case. It is my hope that you enjoy this piece, and hopefully gain something from it.


Drought of Souls

In Louisiana, the smell of the swamp lingers in the air as the sun sets, but something else remains hidden behind the moss covered oak trees. A man who lives by different rules of life and will subject people to an odd form of torture by providing them eternal life through the name of God. A gay man is journeying to Louisiana to meet with his family regarding a substantial amount of money left in a will when everything goes awry. He would find himself in a very precarious situation.

This is a horror story that starts off seemingly innocent and cliche, but that is what the author wants you to think. This story is not at all classified as fantasy, and his methods of providing eternal fear are incredibly conventional.


The Mirror

People love success. It is the trademark upon which modern nations are built. I was given this American dream on a silver platter, but in my case, fame and fortune did not suit me. While many people relish in the idea of becoming well known in society, rich, or famous; from an early age, problems arose that would not only devastate my personal relationships but lead me to a life that I no longer wanted to live…


We All Fall To Ashes

What if the world really was this way? Is the world this way? Could you imagine living in a time where love became a foreign feeling and that we were measured solely by our accomplishments? This takes place in a setting that might be mankind's future. In this story, two gay lovers have a disturbing conflict but what really makes this story unique is the ending. While you would expect the ending to be dark in nature, you will never see this coming!


I am not the Wizard of Oz

This is based on a true story and is creative non-fiction with accurate historical references. The subject matter is about love and life. A psychiatrist becomes engulfed in his work, and he focuses all of his energy on it. At the age of 60 he has a midlife crisis and realizes that he has nobody in his life and while work was important, he realized he missed out on something more important— love. His identity was his job, and he continued to drive all his energy into it. However, at the age of 65, he finally broke down as one patient got him to admit something that would destroy everything in his life. (PDF FILE HAS CURRENT VERSION)


Smile For The Camera

This short story is very dark and twisted. If you like very unusual plots that leaving you guessing and arrive at a profound conclusion, this is for you! It focusses on somebody who is very mentally ill and a journey in life that makes him realize a flaw in his thought pattern. While most people believe happy endings are required for a good story, I am not most people. I think that a good ending involves something an incredibly profound realization. I deliver that in this story. As twisted as this account is, it was written as creative nonfiction- based on a true story.


The ToyMaker

This horror story takes place in London during the mid-1860's. The black plague had just begun as people started to die in large numbers. Max strikes a friendship with the "Toymaker" at a local pub. He was cautious of this man at first but they would cultivate a strong friendship. He had no idea that this man was going to descend into complete madness! Even worse, Max could do nothing to help the "Toymaker." This story is historically accurate.


Church Bell Tolls

The short story is based on real events about life growing up for one gay boy. It is very short, and it is meant to be moving and eye-opening. I hope it effectively reaches this goal for you.

There has been a recent dilemma in my writing that I will briefly outline.

Do I write what I love to write and in the in the way I love to write it? Or do I write what sells? I honestly don’t have the answer to this question yet. The response I have received from my short stories has been surprising, but the rules in place remain— people want to end their books with a happy revelation. People like gay erotica. Neither of which I am willing to provide at this point. I want to offer substance and value.

Why am I telling you this? Read the short story and find out!


Vases, and Faded Petals

One moment you are talking to your children at the dinner table and the next moment you are eating all by yourself, looking down the empty, narrow, table. After our purpose in life is finished, is there something more to wish for? What is it that I seek, what should I seek, or is there even a reason to seek more in life? What is the answer?

This is a very odd story. It is unfortunate and has a subtle twist at the ending. It makes you think about life and the perspective that many people share. It is based on a true story.



This book is comparable to an "Alice in Wonderland," in the way that it reads. A gay man, Charles, descends into complete insanity. His boyfriend of ten years, Trevor, stands by his side but life's reality was slipping away for Charles. Nothing made sense and everything seemed dark and cold in his life. After his father died, he realized how cruel the hands of time were. His father's death was the beginning of his fall to madness. The story depicts the circumstances he finds himself in and the struggles he is faced with. Was he a victim of mental illness or was there something more going on?

It is an exciting book that will be an easy page-turner.