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Night Terrors

Ash is haunted by vivid night terrors each night.
His mornings are an island of calm as he catches the bus to college with Ingrid, his childhood friend.
Ash is hopeful that friendship with Ingrid will turn into something more but there is a major obstacle in his way - Ingrid’s boyfriend, Simon.
And then Ingrid disappears.
Ash must follow the clues in his dreaming and waking life to uncover the shocking truth.
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Love Vigilantes: A Short Story

Elizabeth is thrown upon a reef by a massive wave while surfing. When she eventually makes it back to the shore she finds the beach deserted. She goes to her car but cannot remember how to drive or who she is. Elizabeth finds the streets deserted as she walks into the city. Elizabeth searches but cannot find another person. Then she finds Michael who seems to know everything about her but she knows nothing about him. Elizabeth wants to find out what has happened to everyone else. Michael promises to help her but first she must discover who she is.