After many years of playing and coaching sport, 'too many' the wife says! I suffered a stroke. So, no more sport. I started writing.
Born, just west of London in 1957, in the lovely village of Chalfont St. Peter.
When not playing football, cricket or golf, I could be found editing a magazine.
I live in Thailand, and love it!


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Beat The Beach

A collection of 38 short stories. Some dark, some darkly humorous. And some blacker than dark!
All feature Thai characters, some set in Thailand.
We start with a young girl, who is upset at losing her musician father. She blames the UK’s top rock band. She follows the drummer to Phuket’s drumming festival. She steals the show with drum sticks and then gets her revenge with razors.
We all love tea, it grows in north Thailand, something makes it special. A young lady is sent to find out how. She should have stayed in Bangkok. How about the guy was left a fortune in a will. It didn’t work out well for him.
Read and discover why so many people love Thailand - or not!


Not Far Enough From Worries

Two young Englishmen decide to change their lives. They move to Thailand.
"How can two people have so many worries living in a beach paradise?"
They meet people, good and very bad. They clash with one of Britain's most wanted drug dealers.
A lesbian news reporter with a deadly family secret.
The action moves at a hectic pace.